Marco LambertiniWWF InternationalMakes Statement

Report: Marine population decreasing

14 Sep, 2015

WWF International reports that sea mammals, birds, reptiles and fish are decreasing in numbers at an alarming rate. A study says some species people rely on for food are faring even worse, noting a 74% drop in the populations of tuna and mackerel. The report says that sea cucumbers which are a luxury food have seen a significant fall in numbers, ranging between 94% and 98%.  The findings are mostly attributed to human activity such as over-fishing, pollution and climate change. The study notes the decline of habitats such as sea grass areas and mangrove cover which are important for food and act as a nursery for many species. Director General Lambertini:

Human activity has severely damaged the ocean by catching fish faster than they can reproduce while also destroying their nurseries.

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