No discrimination against Asian students

The Federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights says there is no evidence that Princeton University discriminates against Asian and Asian-American applicants. One claim has come from a student originally from China who was wait-listed in 2006, while, they said, applicants of with similar credentials were accepted. The other is from the parents of a student of Indian descent who was […]

Attempted murder charges

Lassiter is charged with trying to drown his two young daughters. Lassiter had flagged down passers-by at the Audubon Lake apartments saying his seven-year-old son had been kidnapped and needed help finding him. Later Lassiter tells a 911 operator and the apartments manager, that he had drowned his three and five year old daughters. However, he is mistaken — the girls survive […]

President reinstated

Interim President Kafando is formally reinstated a week after the military takeover. Gen Diendere says the guard has return to barracks after signing a deal with the regular army to hand back power. Diendere did not attend the transfer of power ceremony. [I take] full responsibility [for the coup and I am] not afraid to face justice. I am happy […]

Peace breakthrough

President Santos and leaders of FARC vow to end Latin America’s longest running armed conflict in the coming months after reaching a breakthrough in talks that puts the country closer to peace than it has been in half a century. Both sides have set a six-month deadline to sign a final agreement. After that, the group will demobilize within 60 […]

Polio scare

Ukrainian health officials fear a major polio outbreak, after it is announced that the disease has paralyzed two children in the south-western region of Trans-Carpathia. Many Ukrainian children are not vaccinated, and less than 14% of one year children have been immunized against polio. Officials have launched a national immunization campaign that will embrace all children up to ten years old. Parent: The […]

FDA to re-examine

The FDA says it will hold a meeting on September 24 to re-examine the safety of Essure, a birth-control method that was approved in 2002. Essure is marketed as the only permanent birth control method that does not require surgery. While Bayer has acknowledged side effects including pelvic pain, migration of the device or rash, women have said they have experienced […]


Fahmy, Baher, and Greste are pardoned, along with other human rights activists, by Egypt’s President Sisi. Fahmy: [I still] can’t believe it. [Baher and I] have not digested the fact that we are free [yet]. Canadian officials say will help Fahmy with his departure from Egypt: Canada is pleased that Egyptian President el-Sisi has granted Mr. Fahmy a pardon. We look forward to […]

Richard G. Scott dies age 86

Scott dies at the age of 86. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says he died of natural causes at his home in Salt Lake City surrounded by his family. Scott had been a member of a church governing body called the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the last 27 years. He is the third top […]

Yogi Berra dies age 90

The Yogi Berra Museum announces Berra has died at the age of 90. Family statement: While we mourn the loss of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, we know he is at peace with Mom. We celebrate his remarkable life, and are thankful he meant so much to so many. He will truly be missed.

Bill Myers killed age 64

Dixon Smith fatally shoots Myers, a Florida sheriff’s deputy, several times from behind after being served a domestic violence injunction. The order being served by Myers was to bar Smith from possessing firearms. Myers is walking to Smith’s car to retrieve some weapons when Smith pulls out a concealed gun and begins shooting. Smith flees to a nearby Comfort Inn about […]

Copyright not valid

Judge King rules that none of the companies that have collected royalties on Happy Birthday for the past 80 years have a valid copyright claim. The case was brought by Marya and Siegel, against Warner/Chappell, who make around two million dollars a year from royalty payments whenever the song is used. King: The Hill sisters gave Summy Co. the rights to the […]

Admits dishonesty with regulators and public

VW U.S. President and CEO Horn admits to the emissions scandal at an event in Brooklyn, New York: Our company was dishonest, with the EPA and the California Air Resources Borad, and with all of you. And, and . and in our German words, we have totally screwed up. We must fix the cars to prevent this from […]

Formally arrested

Phan-Gillis is formally arrested, after being held for six months accused of stealing state secrets. He husband said he decided to go public about her circumstances ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S. Her family deny the allegations. The US government has not commented. China’s Foreign Ministry confirms Phan-Gillis is under investigation. Mrs Phan-Gillis is suspected of carrying […]

Houses demolished

Egypt demolishes more than 3,255 homes and other buildings in the Sinai peninsula. Troops are razing homes along the Gaza border to create a “buffer zone” and eliminate smuggling tunnels, after a surge in attacks by militants. According to the Egyptian government affected residents supported the demolitions. Human Rights Watch alleges that those evicted are given little or no warning, […]

Tourists kidnapped

Two Canadians (Ridsel and Hall), a Norwegian (Sekkingstad) and a local woman are kidnapped by gunmen from Holiday Ocean View Resort on Samal Island, southern Philippines. Two Japanese tourists try to intervene to prevent the kidnapping, which takes place shortly before midnight. The Filipino woman has not been identified, but she is said to be the partner of […]

Car bombing

A car bomb explodes at the gate of Somalia’s presidential palace, in the capital Mogadishu, killing at least seven people and injuring ten. A conference debating Somalia’s 2016 elections had just ended in the compound. Presidential guards and a Turkish national are believed to be among the dead. It is not yet known who carried out the attack […]

Malware discovered

Security firm Palo Alto Networks discovers that login names and passwords for more than 225,000 Apple accounts were stolen by cyber-thieves in China. Apple says hackers embedded malicious code into the App Store by persuading developers to use a counterfeit version of the firm’s own software. The program, dubbed KeyRaider, allows hackers to collect data from jailbroken devices. We’ve […]

Not guilty plea

Gonzalez pleads not guilty in the kidnapping and killing of Middleton. Police say Gonzalez lured Middleton into his family’s apartment, sexually assaulted her and strangled and stabbed her in the neck. Her body was discovered inside a recycling bin. If found guilty of all counts, Gonzalez faces a maximum of life in prison.

Jake Brewer killed age 34

Brewer is killed while taking part in the 150-mile Ride to Conquer Cancer event. He loses control of his bike and is hit by a vehicle. His wife posts the news of the death: We lost our Jake yesterday, and I lost part of my heart and the father of my sweet babies. I don't have to tell most of you how […]

Hanging delayed

Basit’s execution is postponed after a magistrate says he cannot be hanged in compliance with the jail manual, which says that a prisoner must stand on the gallows. Rights groups have said that hanging a handicapped person would constitute cruel and degrading treatment. he remains on death row. Justice Project Pakistan: [The] jail manual only provides for hanging […]


McCarthy and Bond appear in Boston court. McCarthy is charged with killing Bella, after going to her room to console her. When Rachelle went to the bedroom, she allegedly found McCarthy standing over Bella’s mattress on the floor. Bella’s head appeared to be swollen and gray. McCarthy: She was a demon anyway. It was her time to die. Prosecutors say the couple put […]

Nigerian blasts kill eight

Three blasts hit Nigeria’s north-eastern city of Maiduguri, killing at least eight people. The army blames Boko Haram for the attack.

Sheikh Rashid dies age 33

Sheikh Rashid dies of a heart attack at the age of 34. Dubai holds a three-day mourning period in his honor.

Closes border

Croatia closes seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia following a huge influx of migrants. Officials says they do not have any choice after more than 11,000 people enter the country. Roads leading to the border crossings have also been shut. A journalist at the scene has reported that migrants are walking through fields to bypass one of the border crossings. Interior Minister Ostojic: […]

Megan Park dies

Park dies while undergoing initial training at Pirbright army camp. She collapsed while taking part in physical exercise believed to have been a mile-long run or march. The run was against the clock and not what is referred to as “a beasting” which is an informal punishment exercise. The Army has said the incident is being investigated and it […]

Tourist dies in fall

A Japanese tourist dies after allegedly slipping down the stairs at the Taj Mahal. An eyewitness says the tourist fell while taking a selfie at the monument’s Royal Gate. Police have said he lost consciousness immediately after the fall and succumbed to head injuries in hospital. He had been with three other people when the incident occurred and one of […]

Files declassified

India declassifies 64 files on Bose. The files will be put on public display, but their contents are not yet known. Some analysts say that the declassified files are not as important as those still classified. It is not known how many more classified files on him the government is in possession of. A source in the India’s prime minister’s office says: […]

Flights resumed

American Airlines fixes a technology problem that grounded flights. The Federal Aviation Administration says the airline had requested to halt service to Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth and Miami airports. A spokesman for the carrier has cited a “connectivity issue” for the halt in service to the three airports. We have resolved connectivity issues that led to a ground stop today. We apologize for […]

Ricin plot man jailed

A man is jailed for eight years for trying to buy deadly ricin poison from a website after being inspired by the TV series, Breaking Bad. 31-year-old, Mohammed Ali struck a deal with a supplier in to buy 500 mg of powder, a quantity enough to kill 1,400 people. He was unaware that his source was in fact an […]

Fast tracked

ZMapp is granted fast track approval in America. LeafBio says the grant is an “important milestone” which brings them closer to eventually gaining approval. The drug has been administered under emergency use authorization to nine infected patients in Africa in addition to two infected missionaries in Europe during its first clinical trial. LeafBio CEO Whaley: We are gratified to receive this […]


Mexico’s authorities arrest Astudillo, a gang leader who they say is the leader of a drug cartel and who is a key figure in the disappearance of 43 students last year in a town in one of the country’s states. He is alleged to have given the orders to abduct and kill the students because he thought they were members of […]

Appointed U.S. ambassador

Cuba appoints Cabanas as U.S. ambassador, the first person to take the position since 1961. He is received by President Obama with 15 other new diplomats from other countries. The U.S. has yet to make an announcement about who will serve as its new ambassador in Havana. We never had the flagpole in the place where it is now, because it […]


Valcke is put on leave and released from his duties as Secretary General until further notice, after newspaper allegations implicated him in a scheme to sell World Cup tickets for above face value. Valcke denies the allegations saying they are: Fabricated, outrageous.

Air base attacked, six militants killed

Up to ten gunmen attack a guard post and then enter an air base in Peshawar, Pakistan. A rapid response force engages the attackers and contains them around a guard room. A major is injured in the exchange of fire, and six militants are killed. Pakistan Taliban say they carried out the attack.

Two million apply for 300 clerical jobs

  Uttar Pradesh’s government is overwhelmed after receiving over two million applications for 368 low-level government jobs. Even though the prerequisites for the posts include having primary school qualifications and being able to ride a bicycle, 255 PhD holders and 152,000 graduates have applied. The successful candidates will receive a monthly salary of 16,000 rupees ($240).Official: These candidates have […]

Corruption charges

Prime Minister Ponta is to be tried by the country’s top court after he is indicted on several counts of corruption. He faces charges of fraud, tax evasion and money laundering dating back to when he was a lawyer, before he was elected prime minister.  Ponta denies the claims and has denounced the prosecution as “totally unprofessional”. He […]

$900m faulty ignition settlement

General Motors reaches a settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, with the company agreeing to pay $900 million to end a criminal inquiry into its failure to recall vehicles with faulty ignitions. The fault, which could shut down engines, disable power-assisted steering and brakes and prevent airbags working, has been linked to more than 100 confirmed deaths. An […]

Refugee child dies in accident

A three-year-old refugee boy from the Iraq dies in an accident at a welcome party for refugees in Germany. The boy is swinging on a rope hung between two large flowerpots when one fell and crushes him. He is taken to hospital but later died of head injuries. The boy and his family arrived there four weeks ago after a journey […]

170 die in tanker blast

At least 170 people are killed killed and at least 50 people are injured after an oil tanker explodes close to the western border state some 250 km (155 miles) away from the capital. After the tanker veered off the road and overturned, local residents were siphoning off the fuel when the vehicle exploded. It is suspected that a cigarette might have sparked […]

Parliamentarians scuffle

Scuffles and arguing breaks out out in parliament, as opposition members of physically try to stop the vote in a legislative committee by jostling around the chairman and trying to snatch his paperwork and microphone. Even though the committee’s vote clears the way for the bill to go to the upper house of parliament for final approval, […]

Regrets Obama peace prize

Lundestad says he regrets the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama in 2009, saying he failed to live up to expectations. The award was expected to boost the President but instead, the decision was met with criticism in the U.S. No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama…Even many […]

Market bombings

ISIS say they were behind two suicide bombs in Baghdad that killed at least 23 people and wounded more than 60. Among the dead were police and civilians. The suicide bombers hit police checkpoints in market places during morning rush-hour. The bombers were said to have been on foot and wearing explosives vests. Four people are killed in a […]


The country’s government orders people to stay at home after flooding kills four people and damages parts of the capital. Those close to the coast and on hill tops have been asked to move to a safer place as heavy rains are forecast for the next six days. An unknown number of people have been injured and the […]

Military coup, protests

Burkina Faso’s military declares it now controls the country, confirming that a coup has taken place, and that the transitional government has been dissolved. Thee coup leaders says the former president’s former chief-of-staff, General Diendere, will lead the country.  The Economic Community of West African States calls for the immediate release of the interim President Kafando and Prime Minister Zida. The coup […]

Migrant electrocuted

A migrant is found dead on the roof of a freight train carriage. Police say he climbed onto one of the shuttles that carry lorries through the tunnel, and was electrocuted, presumably by overhead power lines. He is the tenth person to die in or near the tunnel since the middle of this year. Authorities say new security measures have recently […]


The quake with a magnitude of 8.3, centered about 144 miles (232 km) north-west of the capital, Santiago, kills least five people and causes flooding in coastal areas, and triggers tsunami waves up to 4.5 meters high (15 feet). Officials say it was at the depth of about ten km (six miles). One million people have been evacuated from their homes along the coast.

Flight attendant admits fake bomb threats

A former flight attendant admits he fabricated two bomb threats that resulted in emergency landings in North Dakota and Virginia. While working aboard a flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Dickinson, North Dakota, Justin Cox-Server said he found a suspicious bag on board that was beeping. He then notified the flight deck. The captain notified air traffic control, and prepared for an […]


At least 1,872 patients have tested positive with Dengue Fever in New Delhi, of which seven have died. State-run hospitals in the country’s capital are overrun. Authorities say they have ordered hundreds of additional beds to accommodate the surge of patients in government hospitals, which provide free treatment. They also mandated private hospitals to not turn away anyone […]

Report: Marine population decreasing

WWF International reports that sea mammals, birds, reptiles and fish are decreasing in numbers at an alarming rate. A study says some species people rely on for food are faring even worse, noting a 74% drop in the populations of tuna and mackerel. The report says that sea cucumbers which are a luxury food have seen a significant […]

Plane diverts to save dog

An Air Canada flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto is diverted to Frankfurt when the pilot notices a problem with the cargo area’s heating system. The action saves the life of a seven-year-old  French bulldog, named Simba and causes a delay of about 75 minutes for the original flight’s passengers. Simba’s owner: It’s my dog, it’s like (my) […]