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Court: case had ‘stunning’ flaws

7 Sep, 2015

Italy’s top criminal court issues a 52-page legal motivazioni, explaining why it threw out Knox and Sollecito’s murder case in March. The five-person panel says they did so in part because there was a lack of biological traces and that there was no proof Knox and Sollecito were in the bedroom where Kercher was fatally stabbed.

[The trial] had oscillations which were the result of stunning flaws, or amnesia, in the investigation and omissions in the investigative activity.


I am deeply grateful that the Italian Supreme Court has filed its opinion and forcefully declared my innocence. This has been a long struggle for me, my family, my friends, and my supporters. While I am glad it is now over, I will remain forever grateful to the many individuals who gave their time and talents to help me. [I will] now begin the rest of my life with one of my goals being to help others who have been wrongfully accused.

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