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7 Sep, 2015

Breaks silence, resumes work

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In his first interview, Palmer says he will return to work after Labor Day,

I have a lot of staff members, and I’m a little heartbroken at the disruption in their lives. And I’m a health professional. I need to get back to my staff and my patients, and they want me back. That’s why I’m back.

He claims he has not been in hiding.

I’ve been out of the public eye seeing family and friends. This has been especially hard on my wife and my daughter. They’ve been threatened in the social media, and again … I don’t understand that level of humanity to come after people not involved at all.

He also says he would not have killed Cecil if he had known more:

If I had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study, obviously I wouldn’t have taken it. Nobody in our hunting party knew before or after the name of this lion.

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