Anas SarwarMakes Statement

‘Nuclear power has to be part of the mix’

19 Nov, 2021

Relauncing his “Green Labour” campaign on board an electric-powered bus in Glasgow, Sarwar says that nuclear power should be part of effort to tackle cliate change.

I think we have to be honest about future opportunities and I think nuclear power has to be part of the mix. I’m not saying nuclear power has to be the priority, or the lead..,The idea that we can shut down industries, and instead import energy – it’s not good for security, it’s not good for jobs and it’s not good for affordability.

He also says the public will not welcome increased energy bills:

I want to take the public with us, I don’t want to sacrifice jobs, and I think that means having a credible energy policy. If we are saying to the public you are going to get green energy, and avert the climate crisis, but it means your bills are going to go up, it means you’re going to lose your job, but it’s price worth paying – we’re not going to keep the public with us.

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