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Sturgeon: Cambo oil field ‘should not get the green light’

17 Nov, 2021

In Holyrood, Lennon questions The First Minister on the Cambo oil field:

There is no rigorous climate change test that Cambo can possibly pass, so the First Minister must do more than ask the UK Government to simply reassess the proposed oil field. [The First Minister must] oppose Cambo in the strongest possible terms and provide the political leadership that has been lacking.

Sturgeon responds:

I don’t think we can go on extracting new oil and gas forever, that is why we have moved away from the policy of maximum economic recovery. And I don’t think we can go and continue to give the go-ahead to new oil fields. So I don’t think that Cambo should get the green light…I have set out a proposal for a climate assessment and I think the presumption would be that Cambo couldn’t and shouldn’t pass any rigorous climate assessment

However, The first Misiter said that final approval for the oil field was reserved to the UK Government.

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