£1.75m reward

At the time, anyone who found and reported a treasure trove was rewarded with the cash equivalent of the market value of the treasure. The Treasure Trove Reviewing Committee values the hoard at £1.75 million which is paid to Lawes, who shares his reward with the farmer.

Discovers Roman treasure

Lawes discovers the Hoxne hoard near the village of Hoxne in Suffolk, using a metal detector that his colleagues give him when he retired. While helping the farmer look for a lump hammer that had been dropped in a field near the village, he finds silver spoons, gold jewelry and numerous gold and silver coins. After retrieving a few […]

Weinfeld Bettelheim dies age 72

Weinfeld “Trude” Bettelheim dies in Menlo Park, CA age 72. After forty-three years of marriage, Bruno is devastated. A brief live-in arrangement with a son ends when difficulties arise between them, and Bettelheim moves into a condominium, where he lives alone.

Technology meeting set

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announces a meeting with the aim of finding an appropriate set of technological solutions to protect the coastal ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico that is under pressure both by the concentration of ship traffic and the forces of nature (storm damage). It’s imperative that we strike a balance between industrial […]

BBC Horizon documentary

The BBC’s Horizon program profiles Bettelheim. The documentary goes back over his period in the concentration camps and his psychoanalytic work with autistic children. The best way to understand the terrorization under which one lived was the situation when a friend of one was killed mercilessly, purpose in front of one’s eyes and one couldn’t do anything. […]

Suffers a stroke

Bettelheim suffers from a stroke that leaves him unable to think and process information as he had earlier. The stroke is not particularly severe, but prevents him from writing his books and essays. He complains of residues from the stroke, including frustration about physical activity, a pervasive feeling that his body was betraying him; he walks […]

Becomes Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School director

Bettelheim is asked by Tyler, his protector and his mentor, to report on the Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School, which treats mentally retarded children. Bettelheim does not submit his report; he is reluctant to tell his mentor that he thinks the school is such a dump that it should be burned down. However, Tyler persists and offers Bettelheim the position of director […]

Sent to concentration camp

After spending three days in Vienna, Bettelheim is transferred to Dachau concentration camp for four months and then to Buchenwald. His wife goes to the United States. Later Bettelheim deposes in a document signed L-73, saying that he was able to survive partly because he could understand the mental processes of the SS guards and officers. I worked […]

Bruno Bettelheim born in Vienna

Bettelheim is born in Vienna of a non-religious middle-class Jewish family. As a child, Bettelheim is entrusted to a wet-nurse, but when he falls ill, his mother takes care of him. His childhood is happy at first, spent in a loving and numerous family (Bettelheim has fourteen aunts and uncles). At age four he contracts life-threatening […]

Rouhani inaugurates ‘The Conqueror’

Iran’s President Rouhani inaugurates Fateh-313, alias “The Conqueror,” a short-range solid fuel short-range missile. The missile is newer version of Fateh-110 and has both a faster launch capability, and a longer range, with the ability to hit military targets within a 500 kilometer range.

Announces earthquake early warning prototype

China Earthquake Administration announces the construction of over 5,000 seismic stations (especially in the Sichuan province) for earthquake early warning, combining seismic and critical new data sets to improve rapid earthquake notification. The project will provide immediate useful information about the intensity of earthquakes with magnitude five or higher within two to five minutes after […]

Comanche Solar project starts

SunEdison commences construction on the 156 megawatt Comanche Solar project, situated southeast of Pueblo, Colorado. The project uses photovoltaic technology and is equipped with single axis trackers, in order to accurately follow the sun for optimization purposes. It is expected to produce about 300 GWh of energy annually. The Comanche Solar project demonstrates SunEdison’s ability to deliver renewable energy […]


Prime Minister Tsipras resigns after giving a TV address. Government officials said the aim was to hold an election on Sept. 20, with Tsipras seeking to crush a rebellion in his leftist Syriza party and seal public support for the bailout program, Greece’s third since 2010, that he negotiated. The popular mandate I received on January 25th has […]

Sisi, Putin to meet

Sisi will meet with Putin next Wednesday in Moscow to promote closer strategic and economic ties with Russia. Issues concerning the Middle East will be also be discussed.

Border artillery exchange

North and South Korea exchange artillery fire across their mutual border. After North Korean soldiers fire several shots at a military loudspeaker that speaks in high voice against Pyongyang, South Korean troops return ‘dozens of shells” to the suspected source. No casualties are reported.  North Korea later warns Seoul in a letter that it will take military action […]

Universal Doctor Directory launch

Washington D.C. Health Link launches an online tool to help consumers find a doctor who accepts plans sold on the District’s health insurance marketplace. The new tool is now available on D.C. health Link and it would allow everyone to find individual and family plans and a new doctor by ZIP code. Previously, consumers searching for a health insurance […]

‘Local perpetrators’ responsible

The Thai army says that it is unlikely the attack on Erawan shrine in central Bangkok was launched by an international terrorist group, and suggests that “local perpetrators” are more likely to be responsible for the murder of 20 people. However, authorities say the prime suspect in the bombings is foreign. At least 10 people are suspected of […]

Get Shorty

Sonnenfeld directs this crime comedy,based on the Elmore Leonard novel, about a gangster (John Travolta) who comes to Hollywood to collect a debt and gets involved in the movie business. Co-starring starring Danny Devito, Gene Hackman and Rene Russo. Sonnenfeld’s wife, Susan Ringo works on the film as a producer.  I was seeing a lot of really good things about Get Shorty […]

Encourages foreign electricity sector investment

During a meeting with a delegation representing Chinese, Ukrainian, Norwegian and Austrian firms interested in investing in power generation, Syrian Minister for Electricity Khamis encourages foreign companies to invest in the electricity sector of his country, supporting the development process in Syria in its early phase of reconstruction, and providing all the necessary facilities, including […]

Sony ‘Outstanding Contribution to Photography’ award

The World Photography Organisation announces Erwitt will receive the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Outstanding Contribution to Photography. As part of the award, an exhibition of his most famous imagery, alongside his lesser known works and spanning his 60 year career, is presented at Somerset House, London. WPO spokesperson: Elliott is entirely unique and independent in every way. Photography […]

Not Nothing Without You

Frankenberg writes, directs and stars in this comedy (renamed as Noisy Martha in 1987). Co-starring Klaus Bueb as Alfred.  Martha, at 25, is a single mother, a painter, a filmmaker, impulsive, insecure, happy and unhappy. Financially well off through no fault of her own, her biggest problem, as she sees it, is her superficiality. Then there is Alfred, a decade older […]

Erwitt, Frankenberg marry

Erwitt marries his fourth wife, Frankenberg, an actress, film producer and a woman of considerable culture and social prestige. Frankenberg: He is a tough cookie to deal with if people aren’t used to him. Now that I know him I feel for everyone who is a little intimidated because they don’t know how to handle […]

Erwitt, Ringo marry

Erwitt marries Ringo, a Texan, who he first met in 1975. A photograph of Erwitt with his wife Susan taken in the first year of their marriage shows her covered from head to toe in dark clothes, with a baby in her arms.

PDNB Gallery exhibition

PDNB Gallery, Dallas, opens an exhibition of Erwitt’s work, featuring a selection of photographs showing dogs, one of Erwitt’s favorites topics. Erwitt, including the one taken in New York City in 1974, which is  one of the most popular of his dog images. I can talk to them, and they talk back to me […] If a […]

Ringo, Sonnenfeld marry

Ringo and Sonnenfeld get married aboard a New Orleans riverboat during the wrap party for Miller’s Crossing, for which he served as cinematographer. Sonnenfeld calls his wife “Sweetie”. Without Sweetie I would be a really pathetic guy . . . sort of living alone eating Chinese food.

Erwitt, Dann marry

Erwitt marries his second wife, Dann, a Swedish-Irish American woman that at first he meets around 1963. He meets her again in 1968, while working on various photo shoots in nudist colonies in Ireland, and they marry. Dann: He sees himself as one of those rag-tag mongrels, a little sad- eyed dog on his way to a […]

Leaves Italy to escape Fascism

Erwitt’s family moves to the United States to get away both from fascist regime and Fascist racial laws that exclude all Jews from attending schools. His family leaves just two days before the outbreak of World War II. Actually we left on September 1 and war was declared on the third. It was the last boat to leave.

A black boy pointing a gun at his head

Erwitt takes what he says is his favorite photo, of a black boy pointing a gun at his head in Pittsburgh. The picture that I keep coming back to more and more, which has a lot to do with me and my attitude and my point of view, is of the little black boy with the gun to his head. […]

Erwitt, Capa meet

Erwitt meets Capa, one of the founders of the select Magnum photographic agency, in New York. Capa invites him to join the Magnum photos. He works with Magnum for over forty years , mixing commercial jobs with personal photography.

Elliot Erwitt born in Paris

Erwitt is born as Elio Romano in Paris, France, from Russian parents of Jewish origin. His mother loves to draw and paint while his father is an architect by education. He enjoys a happy childhood in Milan, Italy, where he attends elementary school.

Six F-16s arrive in Turkey

U. S. High Command in Europe says six U.S. F-16 fighter jets plus 300 support personnel. have arrived in Incirlik, Southern Turkey, increasing the unit equipment of the United States Air Force-led coalition against ISIS. The detachment is part of the 31st Fighter Wing based at Aviano Air Base, in Italy. Turkish media reports say the U.S. is […]

20 people arrested in Ferguson

Police arrest 20 people during a night of night of protests, during which some protesters throw both rocks and bottles against police. Police used loudspeakers to tell protesters to move out of traffic. When they don’t comply, several people are taken into custody. At least one officer fires pepper spray into the crowd. More arrests follow before protests and the police […]