Wins Oscar

Lawrence wins an Oscar for her performance in the film, Silver Linings Playbook. This is her first award, but second nomination (the previous being for the film Winter Bone.)  She speaks of tripping on the stairs up to the podium: What went through my mind when I fell down? A… a bad word… that I can’t say. It […]

Ten Inch Hero

Ackles plays the quirky Priestly in the film, Ten Inch Hero.  His character is known for dressing in graphic tees that say things like, “Save a tree, eat a beaver” or “I sell crack for the CIA.” He’s also known for his nonconformity when it comes to his hair. Ackles says that the role was very […]


Ackles stars as Jake Gray in the film Devour. The film is about a group of three college kids who decide to play an overly interactive video game. At first, the game seems to just have a knack for knowing what the players are thinking, but soon it all turns deadly and supernatural forces come to […]


On the television show NCIS, Collins plays Justin Farris in the episode Singled Out. His character was one of the lead suspects in the kidnapping of a police officer as he was seen driving off in a stolen vehicle with the police officer in the trunk.

Dawson’s Creek

Ackles plays C.J. in the teen drama, Dawson’s Creek. His character plays the boyfriend of a main character named, Jen. His uncle is also dating his girlfriend’s grandmother. Ackles first appears on the show in the episode entitled, The Song Remains the Same. 

The Plight of the Clownana

Ackles appears in the short, The Plight of the Clownana, as himself. The short is about a competition between two store mascots which ends with them coming together to fight off the handsome Hollywood actors, after one of the mascots loses it’s temper and pulls one of the actors out of their vehicle.


Ackles plays Jason Teague on the television show, Smallville. The show is about a teenage Clark Kent and his struggles with harnessing his powers and using them for good. Ackles’ character has his own problems which include his mother plotting to kill his girlfriend and using him to get close to her. The first episode that […]

Dark Angel

Ackles plays two characters on the television show, Dark Angel. He plays, Alec (a.k.a X5-494,) and Alec’s twin, Ben. The first character he played was Alec, which was the residential bad-boy of the show. He was meant to be more rebellious and morally corrupt than the other characters. The first episode that Ackles appears in is called, Pollo […]

Still Life

Ackles plays Max Morgan in the television show, Still Life. His character is the son of a murdered cop who has to find a way to carry on day to day life after the tragic incident along with the rest of his family. The show does not picks up much steam with audiences, and only aired for one […]

Days of Our Lives

Ackles plays Eric Brady in the television soap opera, Days of Our Lives. He appears in sixteen of the episodes. This was a role that he is very excited about and wasn’t expecting to get.

Jennifer Lawrence born in Louisville, Kentucky

Lawrence is born to Karen and Gary Lawrence in Louisville, Kentucky. She has two brothers, Ben and Blaine, whom she is always telling stories about from when the three of them were kids. Her parents have also stated that when she was younger, she used to watch a lot of television, but not as a normal […]


In the tv mini-series, Blonde, Ackles plays Eddie. The film is a fictional retelling of Marilyn Monroe’s life. Ackles character plays the friend of Marilyn and her boyfriend.

Sweet Valley High

Ackles plays a character named Brad on the television show, Sweet Valley High. In the episode, All Along the Water Tower, He plays the love interest of the main character and together, they act out the love story of their favorite book.

Mr. Rhodes

Ackles plays Malcom in the television show, Mr. Rhodes. The show is about a writer who is in need of a steady income, so he takes a job at his old prep school as a teacher. Ackles plays the reoccurring role of one of the students in Mr. Rhodes’ class. The first episode his character appears in […]

Graduates High School

In order to pursue acting, Lawrence graduates from Ballard High School two years early with an average GPA of 3.9. Though because of the traveling to and from New York City, she had to take many of her classes online.

Like Crazy

Lawrence plays Sam in the film, Like Crazy. The film is about a couple who fall in love while in college, but after graduating, they get separated. Lawrence plays the girl that come after the college romance. Co-star, Anton Yelchin, had the following to say about Lawrence’s performance: I’ve watched her do two characters that are different, […]

The Bill Engvall Show

Lawrence plays Lauren Pearson on the television show, The Bill Engvall Show. Lauren is the daughter of Bill Pearson, a therapist and has two younger brothers. She appears in 31 episodes.

Winter’s Bone

Lawrence stars in the film Winter’s Bone as Ree, a girl trying to hunt down her father and keep her family together. The role was very important to Lawrence: I’d have walked on hot coals to get the part. I thought it was the best female role I’d read – ever. I was so impressed by Ree’s […]


Ackles appears in an episode of the children’s television show, Wishbone. The show is about a talking dog who solves mysteries. Ackles’ character, Michael Duss, appears in the episodes entitled, Viva Wishbone!

The Beaver

In the dark comedy, The Beaver, Lawrence plays Norah. The film is about a depressed man who is kicked out by his wife and only communicating with people through a beaver puppet. Lawrence’s character is a street artist whose brother has passed away.

X-Men: First Class

Lawrence plays Raven (a.k.a. Mystique) in the film, X-Men: First Class. Along with other mutants, she is charged with the task of preventing World War III: There was no CG for me. It’s the same technology and the same methods they were using on Rebecca Romijn, the original Mystique ten years ago. I know everybody feels sorry for […]

The Poker House

Lawrence stars in the film, The Poker House as a girl named Agnes. She plays the daughter of a prostitute and tries desperately to lead a normal life herself while being pushed away by her mother for reasons that she doesn’t understand.

Garden Party

Lawrence plays Tiff in the film, Garden Party. She is the friend of the main character, April, who turns to Tiff for help when she is facing the threat of homelessness.


Lawrence plays two different roles in two different episodes of the television mystery show, Medium. In the episode entitled, But for the Grace of God, she plays a younger version of the main character Allison. In the episode entitled, Mother’s Little Helper, she plays a character named Claire Chase.

Not Another High School Show

Lawrence appears in the film, Not Another High School Show as a ‘frantic girl.’ The film is a parody of popular teen dramas like, Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, and Laguna Beach. 

Cold Case

Lawrence plays Abby Bradford, in an episode of the television show, Cold Case entitled, A Dollar, a Dream. Her character is the daughter of a woman who’s body was found in a lake.


Lawrence plays the mascot in an episode of Monk entitled, Mr. Monk and the Big Game.  It was really exciting, but it is also tied to the most humiliating thing in my entire life… Everybody watched it after I told them that I’m going to have this great huge part, and I was just the Mascot.

The Hunger Games

Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen, in the futuristic, dystopian film, The Hunger Games. In order to save her sister’s life, Lawrence’s character volunteers to participate in the deadly televised, Hunger Games.

The Burning Plain

Lawrence stars in the film, The Burning Plain, as Mariana.  The film chronicles the relationship of a mother and daughter which ultimately ends when Lawrence’s character accidentally blows up a trailer that her mother is inside. The film then follows her life after that incident.

Company Town

Lawrence plays Caitlin in the TV movie pilot, Company Town. She plays the daughter of a government agent, living in a neighborhood with many other government agents and their families. The film is unreleased.


Ackles plays David in the television show, Cybill. His character plays the groom in the episode, The Wedding. 


Ackles marries his long time girlfriend, Danneel Harris in Dallas Texas.


At age four, Ackles starts modeling. He continues to model until he is eighteen. When I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies as they could and pasted them up all over school.

The Bonnie Hunt Show

Padaleki appears on The Bonnie Hunt Show to promote his upcoming movie, Friday the Thirteenth. 

KTLA Morning News

Padalecki is a guest on the television show, KTLA Morning News. He discusses the show, Supernatural and the entertainment he gets from watching Canadian commercials.


Padalecki appears on this television show to discuss Supernatural and how the show has been given early approval for season four. It was very exciting, very flattering and supportive of the network to give us an early pick-up.

Room 401

Padalecki hosts this television show that has the intention of scaring people out of their wits.  


Along with actress Linda Blair and co-star Jensen Ackles, Padalecki appears on the show Extra. The majority of the interview is about Linda Blair, but Padalecki makes a brief appearance when she discusses her guest appearance on the show, Supernatural. 

Supernatural File

In this made forTV documentary about the television show, Supernatural, Padalecki and his co-stars talk about the making of the first few season of the show, filming on location in Canada and each other.

House of Fears

Padalecki makes an appearance in the film, House of Fears. His character’s name is J.P. and his appearance is short. He attends a party of one of the main characters.

Friday the 13th

Padalecki plays Clay Miller in the horror film, Friday the 13th. His character and some of his friend decide to stay at an old haunted camp for a few days and end up scrambling for their lives.


Padalecki stars in the pilot (and the the following 195 episodes) of the WB television series, Supernatural. He plays Sam Winchester, who, with the help of his brother Dean, travel around the country fighting supernatural creatures like ghosts, demons, vampires and werewolves.

I love the ’90s

Padalecki makes an appearance in the television show, I love the ’90s. In the show actors talk about things that they loved from the 90’s. In one episode, Padalecki discusses the very popular, Where’s Waldo books.

America’s Next Top Model

One of the contestants gets the chance to interview celebrities; Padalecki is one of them. He shows off his modeling expertise in the episode The Girl Who Punk’d Ashton. 

Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage

Padalecki stars in the film, Thomas Kinkade’s Christmas Cottage, as Tomas Kinkade. The film is about how, as a young man, he got the inspiration to become an artist, more specifically, where he got the inspiration for the painting, “Christmas Cottage.”

Cry Wolf

Padalecki plays a character named Tom in the horror film, Cry Wolf. When a group of high school teens start to play a lying game, trying to convince their school that there is a murderer among them, someone decides to bring the murderer to life and start picking off the students who made him up in the […]

Stonehenge Apocalypse

In this film, Collins stars a archaeologist named Jacob who, along with his team, unknowingly starts the apocalypse while studying remains found at Stonehenge.  Collins was excited to take the lead role but joking says that the movie is made to be watched while intoxicated.