Guilty of first-degree murder

A Massachusetts Grand Jury convicts Hernandez, with first degree murder in the killing of Lloyd in June 2013. Hernandez’s lawyer acknowledged during closing arguments that he was there when Lloyd was killed. But he pinned the shooting on Hernandez’s two friends, saying his client was a 23-year-old kid who didn’t know what to do. He is also found […]

Introduces hydrogen-powered Mirai

Toyota introduces Mirai, an affordable, eco-friendly “future car,” that runs on hydrogen fuel cells, converting compressed hydrogen gas to electricity. The car’s range is 300 miles and it charges in about three minutes. The Mirai will be produced in small batches, with only 700 being split between the U.S., Europe and Japan this year, with a selling price of […]

Adds gender options

The Company introduces a custom gender option for all Facebook US English users worldwide. The custom field allows user to add just about whatever they’d like whether it’s transgender, transgender,transexual, or lumbersexual. This option adds to the 50 gender options added last year.

Tackles abuse

The site makes it easier to submit abuse reports and triples its number of staff to handle the abuse reports. The Company is also improving its methods to deal with trolls, with one method rumored to be telephone number tracking of users that have earned a reputation for repeated harassment.

Suicide prevention plan

Facebook joins with Now Matters Now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention to give users more options to report posts indicating the user could be thinking of self harm. Users will be able to click a small arrow at the top right of the post and click “Report Post” If Facebook feels like the post […]

Season high score

Cavaliers win (110-99) as James scores a season high of 42 points in the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game.

Stolen painting to return to France

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn file papers to return Picasso’s 1911 La Coiffeuse (The Hairdresser) to France, where it was stolen from a Paris museum storage room in 2001. The 100 year -old painting was shipped by Federal Express from Belgium to the U.S. in December  in a package that described it as a $37 “art craft,” and seized at the Port […]


The Kansas City Chiefs release tight end Anthony Fasano.

Pay cut

Brady signs a, salary-cap-friendly, $27 million three year extension designed to help the Patriots put together another championship run. The $43.6 million Brady would be owed over the next two years benefits the Patriots, giving flexibility within the cap.

Awards dress

Moretz grabs Fashion Police star Griffin’s attention with her floral miu miu dress at the 87th Academy Awards. Griffin: Some girl named Chloë just presented an award in dress that looks like upholstery that would be at my mom’s retirement village Moretz’s responds @kathygriffin so.. Did Maggie like what I did with her drapes..?


Rivera announces she and Dorsey are pregnant with their first child. Dorsey clarifies that the timing with Big Sean’s album release is coincidental. OK Magazine, who informed us yesterday they were releasing it 2day. Even though it was way before we wanted to share…At the very least, thanks for the heads up OK so we could share […]

$100k selfie editor

Star magazine reports Kardashian pays $100k a year for a personal on-call selfie editor, who edits her social media images. The editors has a full non-disclosure agreement stating that all original pictures must be destroyed. She has over 26 million followers on Instagram. Kardashian’s rep says the story is false.

Mirjana Puhar murdered age 19

Puhar, a finalist on the show, and two other people are found dead in a Charlotte, North Carolina home Tuesday evening. Emmanuel Jesus Rangel, 19, is charged with three counts of murder. Initial reports indicate the murders are drug-related.

Enters draft pool

Ray opts out of continuing his senior year at the University of Columbia, entering the NFL draft pool projected as a first-round draft pick.


The Royals agree to a two-year, $13.9 million contract with the first baseman.

Cap increased

Chiefs release A.J Jenkins and Donnie Avery, increasing the cap room from less than a million to $4.8 million.

Wide receiver released

Due to injuries and lack of effective plays, The Chiefs make room on their roster by letting Donnie Avery go.


Due to injuries and lack of effective plays, The Kansas City Chiefs make room on their roster by letting Jenkins go.

Returns to stage

After a six year hiatus, Mystikal takes to the stage on Saturday Night Lives’ 40th anniversary show, rapping to Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s Feels Right.

SUV announcement

Rolls-Royce is building a SUV, with a delivery date in a few years, that is able to cross any terrain. Being one of world’s most expensive vehicles, it will be long and tall while keeping the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. CEO Torsten Muller-ÖtvosRather: It isn’t a SUV per se and not a truck, it is […]