Mayweather beats Pacquiao

Mayweather beats Pacquiao in a unanimous decision after a 12-round bout in Las Vegas, Nevada. All three judges give Mayweather the high score.. This makes the American boxer the undefeated welterweight champion of the world. Mayweather: I was a smart fighter, I outboxed him but Manny Pacquiao is a tough competitor and a very, very awkward […]

Starts work on third Da Vinci Code

After supporting Wilson, who recently underwent a breast cancer surgery, Hanks travels to Italy to shoot the third sequel of the Da Vinci Code film under the direction of Ron Howard. Hanks plays the role of Harvard professor Robert Langdon who got injured in the head and suffered memory loss.

Lyme disease advocate

Lavigne is now a strong advocate of Lyme disease awareness, after contracting the illness that led her to become bedridden for five months. I feel like I have a responsibility — I can’t just sit on my ass and do nothing. I need to talk about Lyme disease, because it’s real, it’s out there, it […]

Praises Jenner

Lovato praises Jenner’s transgender revelation by dedicating the song Warrior to him at a concert in New Zealand. He was honest and he was open with his story. And whether you agree with it or not, he probably saved so many lives and educated so many people.

Time 100 Most Influential list

Time names Watson in its 100 list of top influencers primarily for her #HeForShe campaign. Watson’s international campaign calls for gender equality, even inviting men to give their support. Other actors on the list include Bradley Cooper and Julianne Moore. The magazine: Her HeForShe speech at Davos was an Internet sensation, but unsurprisingly, it drew the […]

Mother has cancer

Swift declares her support for her 57-year-old mom who is battling cancer, and reminded fans to look after their parents. I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. Usually when things happen to me, I process them and then write music about how I feel, and you hear it much later. This […]


ESPN suspends reporter McHenry for one week after her video showing her reprimanding a parking lot attendant goes viral. The reporter apparently was angered when her car was towed last April 6. I will sue this place. Yep, that’s all you care about, is just taking people’s money. With no education, no skillset, just wanted to clarify […]