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Sources: Prepared for Syria strikes

9 Sep, 2014

Obama is prepared to expand airstrikes to Syria in order to combat ISIS and does not believe that he needs approval from Congress, people who participated in talks on the issue say. They say Obama discussed his plans at a White House dinner with a bipartisan group of foreign policy experts and said he has authorization that striking the group on both sides of the Iraqi border to protect U.S. national security. Center for a New American Security CEO and former undersecretary of defense Michèle Flournoy:

This is not an organization that respects international boundaries. You cannot leave them with a safe haven. . . . I expect him to be very candid.

There is no indication that strikes against Syria are imminent. The White House declines comment but Press Secretary Josh earnest says in a media briefing that ISIS is…

…essentially operating in a virtual safe haven in Syria. That’s a dangerous situation.

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