Brad FeldBirth

Born in Arkansas

1 Dec, 1965

Feld was born in Arkansas and grew up in Dallas, Texas.  His father is a doctor and his mother  an artist. As a child he loved school:

As a kid, I learned to work hard, be responsible for my own actions, and be curious about everything.

While in high school he starts an SAT tutoring business and makes $30/hour.

I made the same amount of money in four hours that my friends made working 40 hours a week, had control over my time, and could work on whatever I wanted.

His senior year in high school and first year in college he worked for a startup software company called Petcom as the first employee (they grew to 20 employees).

I got paid $10 / hour + 5% of gross sales of the software products that I wrote. As checks for $5,000 – $10,000 came to me each month when I was in college, I decided I liked that a lot better than working for a salary somewhere.”

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