Christian BaleFilm Appearance

The Dark Knight

14 Jul, 2008

Bale returns as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, sequel to Batman Begins. When Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent launch an assault on the mob, the Joker, Heath Ledger’s last major role,  turns Gotham on itself.

It’s now the question of the burden and toll of what he’s doing, the question can this be a finite endeavor. Is this something that has an end? Can he quit and have an ordinary life? The kind of manic intensity someone has to have to maintain the passion and the anger that they felt as a child, takes an effort after awhile, to keep doing that. At some point, you have to exorcise your demons. That’s what I love about Batman. There’s so much that is about character.

The Dark Knight HD 1080p Trailer

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