Cliven Bundy

County commissioner insults Utahns

16 May, 2014

After discussing  the BLM’s roundup of the Bundy cattles with Darin Bushman, a Piute County, Utah commissioner, Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins posts on Facebook that Utahns are “inbred bastards,” and any of them planning to come to Clark County to support Bundy “better have funeral plans.” On the phone, Collins tells Bushman that Utahns should mind their “own [deleted] business,” and says:

I’m trying to do everything I can to discourage anybody who tells me they’re coming here with loaded guns. I’m going to tell them not to come. … The Bundys want peace. They don’t want any violence going on, so all these gun-packing folks just need to go home.

The Clark County Commission will schedule a meeting to discuss Collins’s remarks.

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