Conor McGregorMakes Statement

Denies water bottle fight scripted

18 Aug, 2016

Appearing via phone-in on the Russillo and Kanell show, McGregor is asked about those who felt the altercation was staged.

What you think? We sat back down and said ‘hey, let’s launch bottles into the crowd’? I mean, no that’s ridiculous…It’s weird to even get compared to [WWE], that dweeb stuff. This is real, we’re about to fight. We’re about to get into a cage and try and take each other out. It does get more real than that, as the UFC slogan is; it is as real as it gets. That was real. Was it the most intelligent thing to be doing? Launching bottles and stuff? I think it wasn’t, but hey, it is what it is. It’s real. If it was scripted we would have probably would have came up with something better than that. It is what it is, you just have to get on with it,” he said. “I’m happy I get in and punch the guy in the face now, and if his team come near me I’ll smack his whole team, throwing bottles like that. I just thought it was weak, the whole thing, but hey. It is what it is. I’ll see the boy Saturday, and his little team.

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