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Diaz: ‘I thought the show was over’

18 Aug, 2016

Diaz talks to UFC Tonight about the water bottle fight.

That guy [McGregor] walks in like he was the show. But I thought the show was over, so I left the show…I’m too real for this whole game, and they can’t have a guy like me winning because look at what’s happening. I get paid finally, I’ve been stuck in contracts for years, and then they sell the UFC. It’s changing baby, and it’s because of what’s going on here. And if people don’t recognize that they’re tripping. And the same thing, that’s why they threw me right back in there, they want to weed me out and get me out of here before it gets too big. But it’s already an unstoppable force that’s going at a high pace, so the game is in trouble with someone like me winning. So that’s why. They know me and they know that, they hope I don’t win…It’s all good either way though because I cannot be killed and regardless, win or lose, which I plan on winning, my voice is still going to be heard. My mic got too big to not be heard.

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