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Fat Joe: Conor McGregor is God

17 Feb, 2017

Fat Joe says he is a big fan of UFC, and of McGregor.

I’m a casual fan with the fights. You know, I go for the big one — so I go [for] my man McGregor. It’s like smoking drugs when I see this guy. It’s a f-cking movie, bro. McGregor, he’s been the biggest inspiration to me with the mixed martial arts. He’s been my hero. He talked shit to the Brazilian guy and knocked the motherf-cker out! He beat a guy that [didn’t] lose in ten years and knocked him the f-ck out. Thirteen seconds. You’re fighting a guy who’s won every match in ten years. You get up there and talk all kind of obscenities you can think of. He gets in the ring and knocks the motherf-cker out in thirteen seconds. I thought he was God!

Rapper Fat Joe Inerview - says "Conor McGregor is God", talks about watching UFC

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