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Ferguson says he will ‘end’ McGregor with snap-jitsu

1 Jan, 1970

Ferguson talks about his upcoming fight with Nurmagomedov at UFC 209.

For UFC 209 you can expect fireworks. I’ve been working on my hands like you would not believe, my head-movement, I don’t want to get hit anymore. It’s a flawless victory I am looking for. I’ll go out there and out-condition this guy, put the pressure on him and completely shut up all the fans out there who are haters.

If he wins he will face McGregor.

You know what, everybody’s got a shot. It’s a fighter’s chance and anybody can get knocked out on any single day. But this isn’t four-oz gloves, this is a completely different sport. When you get hit you can’t take em down like he tried to do with Nate Diaz. If Conor McGregor and myself were ever to go toe-to-toe I’d put him down, hard. I’d put him down with snap-jitsu, he would go to snapdown city and that would just be the end of Conor.

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