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Ferguson: ‘Money made McGregor ‘soft’

23 Feb, 2017

Ferguson explains his ‘McNuggets’ taunt against McGregor.

I’m not going to start thinking I’m the shit or focusing on Conor. I’m going to stay grounded, humbled and keep earning my way to victory. ‘TSKYH’ is tattooed on my arm. ‘Think Strong Keep Your Head.’ That means don’t be floating in the clouds…Money made McGregor soft. I say ‘McNuggets,’ because he’s made of that fake shit, that pink stuff from McDonalds that nobody wants. Do I get a little pissed [I’m asked about him]? Yeah, I get a little heated. But the real belt is between myself and Khabib. He’s 24-0. Dude, I forget how many wins I have. I don’t even care anymore. Those numbers keep racking up.

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