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Cowherd: McGregor should ‘tackle’ Mayweather to win

23 Feb, 2017

Cowherd says that, while under normal boxing rules, McGregor cannot beat Mayweather, the Irishman should try to rattle the boxing champ.

If I was Conor McGregor, my game plan would be to be a disruptor. I would tackle him, I would rattle him, I would go after him. I would headbutt him. I would get penalized. I would get points taken off. I would get into his head. I would do anything I could to ramp up Mayweather and induce him to make a mistake and get close…What Mayweather wants is to control the environment; punch, jab, punch, jab, land, punch, jab, hook, punch, score. Don’t get touched. If I’m McGregor? I wanna wrestle. I want it to be a bar room brawl. So I would go right after him and I’d border on inappropriate.

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