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Lee: McGregor is on the decline

27 Jun, 2017

While describing how he could take down the best MMA fighters, Lee says that McGregor’s powers are sliding.

I think honestly he’ll be on the decline when he comes back[after the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight]. He’s been on the decline for a minute. I think he’ll be on the decline, even more, when he comes back. His skill set is starting to stagnate. You just put the pressure on him. Keep the pressure on him. He’s too small to hang with us 55’ers. Guys like me and Chiesa, a lot of these guys I fought, you know? Francisco Trinaldo is bigger than me, you know what I mean? Right now I’m sitting here at 185, 189 pounds. I think you put the pressure on him and take him down, and he’s out of his world. He’s gonna sit there and lose guard. Come on.

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