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Guerrero: It doesn’t matter if McGregor’s a southpaw, Mayweather’s too quick

27 Jun, 2017

Guerrero, a southpaw who was beaten by Mayweather in May 2013, says Mayweather’s speed and quickness is not apparent on video.

Being a fight fan myself and watching MMA fights, I don’t think there is anybody nearly as fast as Floyd Mayweather in that sport. That’s a problem with everybody who gets in with Floyd Mayweather, dealing with his speed. From the outside looking in, it doesn’t look as fast as it is when he’s right in front of you. And Floyd’s reaction time, wow, it’s just beyond anything you might imagine. Look at myself being a lefty, Manny Pacquiao being probably the fastest lefty out there, we had great trouble dealing with Floyd’s speed. Most of his shots are reaction. He sees what you’re doing and he knows what you’re trying to do and when you take that step, his reactions are so quick that – Bam! – he catches you. That is so hard to deal with.

Guerrero also says Mayweather is able to tire opponents out because he makes them swing and miss more than most boxers.

Definitely, it’s less energy to land a punch than to miss a shot. When you slip a shot, that’s so important, because A) you’re not being hit, but B) it’s more tiring than it is to land something. I tell the young kids I work with, shadow boxing eight, nine or 10 rounds is tougher than hitting the bag. … Missing just takes so much out of you, and then a guy like Floyd, not only does he make you miss a lot of shots, but he’s countering you every time you miss a shot, picking and poking at you. It drains you and it starts to frustrate you.

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