Conor McGregorMakes Statement

McGregor: I am still the UFC featherweight and UFC lightweight champion

17 Aug, 2017

On his media conference call, McGregor says he still considers himself the UFC featherweight and UFC lightweight champion

I mean, how can I not consider myself the UFC featherweight world champion and the UFC lightweight world champion? The current UFC featherweight world champion is Max Holloway, a man who I dismantled, and the former was Jose Aldo — I still reign supreme over that division. And then also, the 155-pound division, I know there’s talks of an interim belt, I’d only won that belt, and literally a month later there was an interim scheduled…But it is what it is, everyone knows I am the multiple-weight world champion of the UFC’s featherweight division and lightweight division, and I look forward to going back and continuing where I left off.

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