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29 Apr, 2015

Grizzlies 99-93 TrailBlazers Game 5

Match Report

The Grizzlies win 99-93. Gasol scores a double-double ( 26 points and 14 rebounds), Lee scores 20 points, Randolph scores 16 points. McCollum socres 33 points, Lillard scores 22 points and Aldridge scores 14 points for the TrailBlazers. Memphis wins West First Round Series 4-1.

Gasol on win Game 5:

It feels great. It feels great to have a little time off to do some things around the house. I’m going to have a little time to be with my little girl. It’s actually great to be home.


We wanted to go get the job done now, get some days of rest to get ready for the next tough series. Carter said. This is just a warmup for the next one, and the next one and the next one.

Coach Stotts on TrailBlazers loss:

The season was going to be a very special season. Unfortunately some things didn’t turn out the way we wanted to.


22 Apr, 2015

Grizzlies 97-82 TrailBlazers Game 2

Match Report

The Grizzlies win 97-82. Conley scores 17 points, Gasol scores 15 points and Randolph gets a double-double (ten points and ten rebounds). Aldridge scores a double-double (24 points and 14 rebounds) and Lillard scores 18 points for the TrailBlazers. Memphis leads West First Round Series 2-0. Lillard on TrailBlazers loss:

We got to try to do something there.


If they are going to keep giving us that, we’re going to keep taking them.

Coach Stotts on Memphis Game 2:

They’re good shooters. They don’t look for them a lot. We can’t leave them open either.

19 Apr, 2015

Grizzlies 100-86 TrailBlazers Game 1

Match Report

The Grizzlies win 100-86. Udrih scores 20 points, Randolph scores a double-double (16 points and 11 rebounds), Gasol scores 15 points and 11 rebounds and Green scores 16 points. Aldridge scores 32 points, Batum scores 15 points and Lillard scores 14 points for the TrailBlazers. Memphis leads First Round West Series 1-0. Coach Stotts on Udrih’s perfomance:

He did a little bit of everything. Shots like that I’ve got to take. I knocked down and then two more times I came out of the screen and knocked them down again. I was just being aggressive.


I was wide open. Shots like that I’ve got to take. I knocked down and then two more times I came out of the screen and knocked them down again. I was just being aggressive.

Aldrigde on TrailBlazers loss:

I think a good wakeup call for us. But definitely tonight they manhandled us.

15 Apr, 2015

Mavericks 114-98 TrailBlazers

Match Report

The Mavericks win 114-98. Chandler scores a double-double (22 points and 15 rebounds). Lillard scores 17 points and Aldridge scores 17 points for the Blazers. Coach Carlisle on the Houston-Mavericks playoff game:

That’s a lot of external noise. We’ve got to make sure that we ignore what’s not important. What’s important is our group, how tied together we are and how strong our will is.

Chandler on Rockets playoff game:

We have a tough task ahead of us.


You always want to win your last game or your last few games, but we’ve had guys out. I think guys just have to be ready to go now.

9 Apr, 2015

Warriors 116-105 TrailBlazers

Match Report

The Warriors win 116-105. Curry scores 45 points, ten assists and Thompson scores 26 points. Aldridge scores 27 points, six rebounds and Lillard scores 20 points and eight assists. Aldridge on Curry’s performance:

He played like he wants to be MVP.

Coach Kerr:

He never says anything about it. But you better believe he wants it.


We tried to mix up our coverages a little bit because he came out making shots from everywhere. It pretty much just didn’t matter. He made shots with a hand in his face, off balance, deep, everything. He just had it going.

6 Apr, 2015

Nets 106-96 TrailBlazers

Match Report

The Nets win 106-96. Brooke Lopez scores 32 points and nine rebounds, Williams scores a double-double (24 points and ten assists). Lillard scores 36 points and Leonard scores a double-double (17 points and 15 rebounds) for the TrailBlazers. Robin Lopez on his twin brother’s performance:

He’s a stubborn guy, No matter what people say about him, no matter what happens, he’s just going to stick with what he knows how to do. That’s what he’s been doing.

Brooke Lopez:

Well, it might have been a fluke.

Coach Hollins:

We’re trying to close the door on those other teams and the only way you can do that is by winning.

4 Apr, 2015

TrailBlazers 99-90 Pelicans

Match Report

The TrailBlazers win 99-90. Aldridge scores a double-double (21points, 12 rebounds), Kaman scores 16 points and 11 rebounds. Gordon scores 21 points and Davis scores 21 points and nine rebounds for the Pelicans. Lillard on TrailBlazers 50 game victory:

It’s going in the right direction, A lot of the elite teams are consistently going over 50, and I think it’s great for us to have back-to-back seasons with that.


I’ve never had 50 wins, so it feels good.

Coach Williams:

They had 18 offensive rebounds so we just kept giving extra possessions to a team that doesn’t need them. They didn’t shoot the ball great tonight but they got so many opportunities.

24 Oct, 2014

Damian Lillard interview


Lillard appears on Conan and talks about the growing up playing basketball without a hoop, his famous “Dame-face”, and why he chose the number 0 for his jersey. He also demonstrates his four-bar rapping skills.

Well, it started off on a tree. There was a tree in front of my grandmother’s house. I would shoot over the tree branch. That was my hoop. The grandfather cut down the tree so I ended up nailing a milk carton to a telephone pole. It’s round, you can’t shoot off the back bound. It helped me learn how to shoot over the rim better.

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