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17 Dec, 2018

Cleared over fresh motoring charge

McGregor is cleared of his latest motoring charge at a court in Dublin. He appeared on a charge for not producing his license and insurance when asked to earlier this year, for which he was issued with a summons. Garda Keith Dolan told the court that he was making an application to the judge to strike out all charges as the documents had been produced by McGregor when he arrived. Judge Geraldine Carthy granted the application and McGregor left the court room flanked by his three security guards, saying:

Thank you, Judge.

16 Jul, 2015

Investigation shut down

The Wisconsin Supreme Court orders a special state prosecutor to shut down an investigation into Walker’s political fundraising and permanently destroy all the evidence it has collected:

To be clear, this conclusion ends the…investigation because the special prosecutor’s legal theory is unsupported in either reason or law.


20 May, 2015

‘Not responsible’ for male sex assault

Nungesser is found “not responsible” for any sexual assault on Adam, his alleged male victim, due to contradictions within Adam’s account and to Facebook exchanges between the two men. Adam had alleged that during a private conversation between the two men, in response to “relationship troubles” between him and his then-girlfriend (the “Natalie” who would later accuse Nungesser of assault) Nungesser massaged Adam’s back and shoulder and then gently pushed him down and massaged his crotch for approximately two to three minutes, while he was frozen in shock. Nungesser said that there was no sexual contact between the two during this conversation.

Additionally, the Alpha Delta Phi officer known as “Leila” who testified on behalf of Adam is the same person who wrote an email to the ADP listserv calling for Nungesser’s resignation and allegedly encouraged other members to come forward against Nungesser. Investigators:

At the time of the Complainant’s initial disclosure, at least several of his close friends and co-fraternity members were engaged in a process intended to evict the Respondent from the fraternity house.

12 May, 2015

Not liable in coffee spill case

Jury rules Starbucks is not liable for damages after Kohr claims he suffered third-degree burns when his cup collapsed, spilling his free coffee in his lap. Ten jury members vote in favour of Starbucks. Kohr thanks jurors:

I really appreciate their time, doing their civic duty, and helping us with our dispute. We thank everybody for the support and we’re looking forward to moving on and putting this behind us and moving forward.

8 May, 2006

Rape acquittal

Zuma is acquitted of raping a 31-year-old family friend on 2 November 2005. In a four-hour ruling broadcast live on radio and television, the judge says the state had not proven the case beyond reasonable doubt. He also refers to evidence given by the defence, suggesting that the complainant has a history of making false accusations of rape.

The complainant was inclined to accuse men of raping her or attempting to rape her

Zuma admitted having had sex with the woman, but insisted it was consensual. The judge says Zuma would not have risked forcing himself on the woman when his own daughter was in the house and police were on guard outside, who would have heard the accused if she had cried out. After the judgement, Zuma addresses a crowd in nearby Beyers Naude Square:

A person who is charged remains innocent until proven otherwise – this is one of the golden rules of our constitution but the press broke this rule. Today the bad dreams have evaporated.