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21 Oct, 2016

Out for six months

Odubajo may miss the whole season after sustaining his second serious knee injury in just over three months. He will have surgery next week after fracturing a kneecap during a non-contact training session. Hull says Odubajo had been making “excellent strides” after dislocating the same kneecap. The ligaments he had reconstructed then “remain intact” and he would be out for about six months


25 Apr, 2015

Fractures vertebrae

Mick E MouseMick E Mouse is diagnosed with a small fracture in his lower back between two vertebrae, after having X-rays taken Thursday morning at Texas A&M. Henry:

They say it is not uncommon to have that in bucking bulls, especially if you have one that bucks really, really hard…It is relief. It is good news. I haven’t eaten. I haven’t slept. I haven’t sat still for three days. I have done nothing, but worry about it. It could have been a whole lot worse. A fracture in the back and six weeks, I can live with that.

Mick E Mouse is spending the next seven days at Texas A&M undergoing treatment, which includes three sessions of acupuncture. Mick E Mouse has the entire summer to recover, and as long as there are no setbacks in his recovery process, he will next buck on Aug. Seventh and Eighth the Built Ford Tough Series second-half opener in Biloxi, Mississippi.

20 Apr, 2015


Hough is injured during Dancing with the Stars rehearsal. Injuries include a broken toe on the right foot and sprains and bruising to the left ankle. He is canceling a Radio City Music Hall appearance as a result. From his representative,

It remains unclear at this time if Derek will be able to perform on the Monday, April 27 episode of Dancing with the Stars, his partner Nastia Liukin will train in Los Angeles this week with pro-dancer Sasha Farber to prepare for the live show.

30 Mar, 2015

Out for playoffs

Beverley undergoes season-ending wrist surgery to repair a torn ligament. He will miss the playoffs. He originally injured the wrist in a game against the Pacers and had been debating whether or not to play through the injury as he sought second opinions.

27 Mar, 2015

Foot injury, will miss rest of season

The Oklahoma City Thunder announces that Durant will miss the rest of the season due to a Jones fracture injury in his right foot. He will undergo a bone graft procedure to address the fracture, the recovery for which usually takes four to six months. Thunder GM Sam Presti:

It was the consensus of the specialists team, in addition to a collective decision by Kevin, his representation and the Thunder, that to address the setback of the fracture site, a bone graft procedure would be the most proactive and recommended approach.

Durant has been limited to only 27 games during the season due to the injury.

18 Mar, 2015

Out four to six weeks

Ibaka is out four to six weeks after undergoing an arthroscopic knee procedure to address swelling and soreness. Ibaka had been averaging 14.3 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.4 blocks per game this season. His four-season streak of leading the NBA in total blocked shots will come to an end.

Serge is a guy that always wants to be out on the floor, rarely misses time, but we felt like with where the symptoms were, we didn’t think it was going to be improving, and because of that, this was the necessary step.

Out for season

Wheeler is having Tommy John surgery after being diagnosed with a fully torn ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his pitching elbow. He will miss the entire season.

We had been forewarned by the doctor that his elbow was a concern and it was going to have to be managed over the course of this season. It wasn’t clear that the ligament was involved at that time, but we understood we were going to have to manage his elbow condition over the course of the season. So when he complained of the elbow pain, it wasn’t a surprise to us…We’re still digesting the injury to Zack and really have not started to address that issue.

6 Mar, 2015

Out for season

Matthews tears his left Achilles tendon. He will miss the rest of the NBA season.

I’ve made that same cut hundreds of thousands of times in my life. I felt the initial pop, and I think you guys could tell on the replay, I looked back, and it feels like someone kicked you. I was praying that someone was back there. No one was back there, and I heard Ron [Garretson], the ref, he actually says, ‘Oh no’ like he knew…I’m frustrated, man. I’m frustrated. They say everything happens for a reason, and I was thinking it, too. But what was the reason? I can’t find it right now.

Out six to eight weeks

After breaking his left forearm, Pence is out six to eight weeks. He was hit on the left arm by a pitch in a spring training game. X-rays show he suffered a nondisplaced fracture of his left ulna.

2 Mar, 2015


Butler is expected to miss three to six weeks with a sprained left elbow. The injury occurred when he collided with DeAndre Jordan in an NBA regular-season game. Butler was diagnosed with a Grade 2/3 ulnar ligament sprain and a small bone impaction injury after undergoing an MRI. He doesn’t need surgery.

26 Feb, 2015


Saunders tears cartilage in his knee by stepping on a sprinkler while catching foul balls. He is out until the All-Star break.

I just tried to walk off the field and not draw any attention to myself, then when I got into the training room, my knee felt like it was getting tight on the inside. I’ve never had any issues with my knees, so that’s when I knew that something was wrong.

25 Feb, 2015


Kane suffers an upper-body injury. He is expected to miss six to ten weeks. Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville:

Looks like he might miss some time, but we’ll know the extent of it tomorrow.

Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg:

You get ticked off when the best player in the league gets hit like that. I can’t totally comment because I didn’t fully see it. You never want to see that. People pay a lot of money to watch Patrick Kane play. It’s never good when he’s out of the lineup — not only for us, but for the league. Hopefully, he’s good. We’ll see how it goes.

24 Feb, 2015

Needs knee surgery

Rose has a torn meniscus in his right knee that requires surgery. Rose remains under contract through the 2016-17 NBA season. A surgery date and a recovery timeline have not yet been set.

Out two weeks

Marion is out at least two weeks due to a strained left hip. Marion has been experiencing discomfort in the hip ever since Cleveland’s five-game West Coast road trip last month. Coach David Blatt:

I knew before Shawn wasn’t feeling great and that’s the reason he wasn’t playing, because he wasn’t healthy. So we really wanted to give him a chance to get through this problem as we have done on several occasions this year with other players. And I think it’s good. It’s good that he’ll take this time to rest and rehabilitate and get the treatment that he needs and to come back when he’s fully ready to play.

19 Feb, 2015

Returns to club

The team welcome back Croatian midfielder Modric at training after three months off with a thigh muscle injury. With the Champions League knock out stage underway, Real Madrid have yet to find their form due to the injuries of key players Ramos, James, Khedira and Coentrão.

14 Dec, 2014

Suffers injury

Harper suffers a large gash on the side of his head during his ladder match with Dolph Ziggler. The cut requires five staples from WWE’s medical staff. Harper is not removed from active competition.

16 Aug, 2014

Broken leg

Richards suffers broken leg during live event in Pennsylvania. The injury will keep the star out of action for the time being.

4 Aug, 2014

Injured at RAW

Reigns is injured during match with Kane. WWE says Reigns requires six staples on his forehead. There is no mention of a concussion.

We brought Roman Reigns back to the trainer’s room after he sustained a laceration to his forehead when his forehead hit the ring post, We cleaned him up real well and put in six staples to close the wound. He’s going to be cleared for Smackdown.

29 Jul, 2014

Needs stitches after injury

Del Rio suffers injury at WWE Superstars taping. Justin Gabriel’s elbow struck to the left of Del Rio’s orbital bone causing a laceration that requires stitches.

 He’s going to keep it covered and he should be medically cleared to compete on WWE Main Event.

20 Jul, 2014

13 killed

DeathDeath Count

A total of 13 Golani Brigade soldiers are killed in a single morning of operations in Gaza while brigade commander Col. Gen. Rasan Alian is moderately wounded in an exchange of fire and hospitalized in Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba. A timeline released by the Israel Defense Forces:

1:05 a.m., an armored personnel carrier catches fire after an explosive device is set off under it. Seven soldiers are killed. Reportedly, the APC was not fitted with armor that could withstand this type of blast.

1:30 a.m., a soldier is killed when two soldiers get into a firefight with terrorists.

5:45 a.m., another Golani force gets into a firefight with terrorists. Two soldiers are killed.

8:50 a.m., three soldiers are killed when a Golani squad is caught inside a burning building.

5 Jul, 2014

Cavendish: race could be over

Cavendish, a member of the Omega Pharma-QuickStep team, crashes 200 meters from the line. Cavendish admits that he was trying to find a gap in the crowd of racers when he was involved in the crash with rival rider, Simon Gerrans.  Cavendish has an MRI taken of the injured area, and a decision will be made as to whether or  not he will race on July 6, 2014:

I’m gutted about the crash today. It was my fault. I’ll personally apologise to Simon Gerrans as soon as I get the chance. In reality, I tried to find a gap that wasn’t really there. ‘I wanted to win today, I felt really strong and was in a great position to contest the sprint thanks to the unbelievable efforts of my team. Sorry to all the fans that came out to support – it was truly incredible.

Neymar out

Neymar is carried off the field in tears after being kneed in the back by Columbia’s Juan Camilo Zuniga in the 86th minute of a quarterfinal game on July 4, 2014.  Neymar was taken to a nearby clinic and released.  Although he is not expected to need surgery, he is is unable to compete in the rest of the World Cup.  Brazil team doctor Rodrigo Lasmar says:

He will not be in condition to play, he will need a few weeks to be fit again.  He is very, very sad.

19 Jun, 2014

Breaks leg on Star Wars set


While filming Star Wars: Episode VII, Harrison Ford breaks his leg in an incident involving the Millenium Falcon’s door. He is airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford where he undergoes surgery. His publicist, Ina Treciokas, stated

His surgery was successful and he will begin rehab shortly. He’s doing well and looks forward to returning to work.

The injury is not believed to set the movie back on its release date. Changes have been made to the filming schedule and various tweets by those involved with the production have stated that things continue on at a good pace.

5 Jun, 2014

Exits game with leg cramps

James leaves Game 1 of the NBA Finals before the match is finished because of severe leg cramping. The leg cramping is caused by extremely warm temperatures after the air conditioning in the arena malfunctions. James

It was the whole left leg, damn near the whole left side. I was losing a lot [of fluids] throughout the game. It was extremely hot in the building, you know, both teams, fans, everybody could feel it. I was the one that had to take the shot.

29 Dec, 2013

Suffers severe head trauma

Schumacher is in critical condition after suffering severe head trauma in a skiing accident in the French Alps. He falls and hits his head on a rock, said the director of the Meribel resort where Schumacher was skiing. He is presently in a coma at the University Hospital Center of Grenoble and requires immediate brain surgery. Resort director Christophe Gernignon-Lecomte:

We have to wait for a police report. There is an open investigation going on. We insist on the fact that Michael Schumacher was skiing off-piste and his fall is not linked to an avalanche.

15 Jun, 2012

Suffers injury

Clay suffers injury on Friday Night Smackdown during fight with David Otunga. WWE physician Dr. Michael Sampson comments

The inside ligament in Brodus’ left knee is torn partially. He’ll be in a hinged knee brace, so he’ll be able to compete, but it will be as tolerated.

27 May, 2012

Suffers injury announces that Clay suffered a concussion and several bruised ribs after his fight with Big Show on Monday Night RAW. 

Following a remorseless beating at the massive fists of Big Show, Brodus Clay suffered a concussion and several bruised ribs according to WWE Physician Chris Amann.

11 Dec, 2009

Injures right index finger

Bryant injures his right index finger during a game against the Timberwolves. It is an avulsion fracture, in which a tiny fragment of bone tears away near a tendon or ligament. The injury occurs as Bryant reaches for a pass late in the first quarter. He sits out for most of the second quarter, but returns after halftime and continues playing. Bryant:

It’s pretty painful. I just tried to play through it. … You just get used to it, that’s all. It’s just a different technique to shoot the ball with this.