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Collins: With the right preparation McGregor can ‘stop’ Mayweather

12 Jun, 2017

Former WBO super middleweight and middleweight champion Steve Collins, who was one of the earliest sports stars to acknowledge McGregor’s potential, says ‘The Notorious’ can beat Mayweather.

This is a guy that I know for 20 years. He was involved in my career. When he said it could happen if it was put together the right way, I knew it was a possibility. It’s a guaranteed money-maker. Whether it’s through curiosity or belief, or just wanting to see one martial art against another, all the ingredients are there to make this happen. I thought it would have happened sooner, if anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see these guys in the ring soon…I could tell you how he could beat Mayweather. I can see him doing it. A victory for Conor is something that can definitely happen, and I think he will shock the world. He has the tools and the ability. If he prepares the right way, he won’t just beat Mayweather – he’ll stop him.

Regarding Eddie Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya’s criticism of the fight:

They should all just shut their mouths and concentrate on their own careers. All of these boxers are just jealous because Conor and Mayweather are going to make a fortune. Between the two of them, they’re creating interest that is unprecedented. The guys who are calling this a mockery are just upset because they aren’t in the headlines. If they were in the middle of this and they were fighting McGregor, they wouldn’t be saying any of this. It’s just jealousy.

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