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20 Aug, 2014

Captor’s demanded $132.5 million

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Philip Balboni, the president and chief executive of GlobalPost, where Foley worked, tells The Wall Street Journal ISIS demanded money from GlobalPost and Foley’s family in exchange for Foley’s release. He says the captors demanded a ransom of 100 million euros ($132.5 million), and states the messages started last fall:

The captors never messaged a lot. There was a very limited number with a very specific purpose. … They made demands.

He goes on to say that last week Foley’s family was notified by the captors and were told he would be killed:

The message was vitriolic and filled with rage against the United States. It was deadly serious. Obviously, we hoped and prayed that would not be the case. … Sadly, they showed no mercy.

He says Foley’s family responded to the email begging for mercy, but they never received a reply.

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