ISISJohn Cantlie

Father sends video message

3 Oct, 2014

Cantlie’s father, Paul, records the message to ISIS after a throat operation.

My family and I are trying to communicate with the Islamic State to deliver an important message regarding John and can only hope that it has been received as we have had no response.

To those holding John: please know that he is a good man, he sought only to help the Syrian people and I ask you from all that is sacred, to help us and allow him to return home safely to those he loves and who love him.

He says the video released by ISIS was the first time that Cantlie’s family have seen him in two years. On Cantlie’s work in Syria:

[He was] seeking out the true story of the suffering of the Syrian people and ensuring the world was made aware of their plight.

John felt a strong need to help in the best way that he could: as an impartial and respected journalist he knew that he could make a difference by acting as a platform for the world to listen to and take notice, using his journalistic skills for the good of the people; as a friend and as a civilian.

Father's emotional plea to Islamic State for the release of his son - BBC News

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