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Fifth ISIS video

16 Oct, 2014

john-cantlie-fifth-isis-videoCantlie again describes himself as a British citizen abandoned by his government. He dismisses the military response’s effectiveness:

Obama is terribly busy insisting US ground troops won’t be going back into Iraq. Thus even the Pentagon admits airstrikes are a stop-gap military measure that will not disrupt the Islamic State activities.

He says it is a political tactic:

Meanwhile, America puts 1,200 troops into Baghdad to protect their embassy and the airport. Surely sounds like boots on ground to me… The rise of the Islamic State give Obama a chance to look tough in the media just as midterm elections approach.

On relations between the U.S. and ethnic and sectarian minorities:

Since when has America cared about the fate of a minority in the Muslim lands? Modern history is sadly littered with religious minorities being crushed and neither the U.S. nor anyone else said anything.

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