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Magazine 2nd edition

1 Jun, 2014

isis-magazine-issue-2ISIS publishes the second edition of Islamic State News magazine via its affiliate, Al-Hayat Media Centre. The issue leads with a photo feature on trade apparently flourishing in the Aleppo (Halab) market under ISIS control, with pictures of fresh fruit, cured meat, and flowers for sale. It includes photos of the implementation of a hadd – religious prohibition – against alcohol, and a graphic execution of an Assad shabeeh (loyalist) in Aleppo. Also shown are bloodsoaked bodies in the aftermath of what it says is fighting in Ar-Rawiyah village in Raqa area against the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and People’s Protection Units (YPG), an armed group from Syrian Kurdistan. The aftermath is shown of what ISIS says are victories in Malahimah, Anbar province, and other parts of the country. It includes photos apparently showing the conversion of captured opposition fighters in Anbar, and the execution of those who refuse to ‘repent.’ A feature on the group’s operation to retake al-Khair, as the group refers to Deir Ezzor province:

Allah facilitated for his mujahid slaves the liberation of two towns, as-Sabhah and al-Bareehah, so that they are now overlooking one of the biggest strongholds of the Sahwat [Sunni tribes]: the town of al-Busayrah where battles are taking place now. Allah also bestowed upon us much war booty in the battle of as-Sabhah, which included: a tank, a BMB, three sniper guns, a 12.5mm cannon, a 14.5mm dual-barrel anti-aircraft [gun], a number of Kalashnikov rifles, a car full of ammo, and a number of other cars.

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