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Magazine 3rd edition

7 Jun, 2014

isis-magazine-issue-3Al-Hayat Media Center publishes the third edition of Islamic State News. The issue leads with the group’s advance into Iraq. Feature header:

The Islamic State humiliates Maliki’s army with brazen attack on Mosul

It states that Iraqi President Maliki’s ‘tyrannical strength is no match for pious believers,’ and urges readers to join the cause:

Join the ranks, oh brothers!

It celebrates the group’s seizure of the Koniko gas field in Deir Ezzor with a photo feature showing closeups of a black-clad fighter firing an assault rifle. Also shown are executions in the province of three men – one is said to be an Assad sympathizer, and a second is said to have enlisted in the Nusayri (Alawite) army, an apparent reference to the regime’s armed forces, after ISIS declared its jihad in the area. Details are not given of the third man the group says it executed. Two men said to have broken the hadd – Islamic prohibition – against stealing receive an unspecified punishment that it says is ‘carried out under the supervision of trained doctors.’ The final section of the magazine focuses on humanitarian and religious activities in Homs and Diyala, including handing out fliers and improving security for shepherds and farmers.

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