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1 Apr, 2015

Harper’s Bazaar Cover

Magazine Cover

o-JULIANNE-MOORE-570Moore appears on the cover of April 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She talks about her style sense, parenting her children and aging.

The older you get, you have a clearer understanding about what you care about, what you value, and you begin to think laterally and not vertically. Who are these people around me; let me try to experience this. That’s what makes everything more valuable and more interesting.

1 Dec, 2014

Glow cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-glow-magazine-coverMoore appears on the cover of the Winter 2014/2015 issue of Glow magazine. She talks about her role model, her nomadic upbringing, and parenting her children.

One of the most important things I tell my children is that content matters. Who you are, what you think, who you are going to become, how you behave, all of those things really add up to being a valuable person. The outside is great, obviously, but it all really does come from within.

28 Nov, 2014

The Hollywood Reporter cover

Magazine Cover

Swank, Moore, Dern, Arquette, Witherspoon, Adams, and Jones appear on the cover of a November 2014 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. They talk about their bravest moments as an actress and if their children became actors. Witherspoon:

It’s a wonderful business. I feel like I’ve seen the world. I’ve met amazing people. I used to have all these regrets; I didn’t finish college. And about a year ago it was like, “Why would I regret not finishing college?” I’ve had a wonderful life and I’ve been everywhere and I’ve gotten to work with creative people and tell stories. That’s all I ever wanted to do. So if [my kids] wanted to do it, I’d be very encouraging. I do think it’s hard. I would definitely illuminate all the difficulties. But my kids don’t seem to gravitate toward it anyway. So we’ll see.

1 Aug, 2014

Beach cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-gets-sexy-for-beach-magazineMoore appears on the cover of the August 2014 issue of Beach magazine.  She talks about her ideal roles, winning best actress at Cannes, and what nobody knows about her.

How well I can clean! Yesterday I vacuumed all of the spiders out of the furniture on my porch, which was not pleasant, but it had to be done.”

1 Oct, 2013

In Style cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-covers-instyle-october-2013Moore appears on the cover of the October 2013 issue of In Style magazine. She talks about her life, being in her 50’s, and parenting.

When your kids are young, they’re always holding your hand. Then suddenly you turn around and it’s not happening anymore. The days are long; but the years are short.

13 Apr, 2013

T cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-covers-t-magazineMoore appears on the cover of a April 2013 issue of T magazine. She talks about playing in Game Changer, playing in Carrie, and her first on stage appearance.

I sat on the stage and ate a sandwich while Charlie Brown talked about me. I was so scared. I didn’t get any pleasure out of that.

1 Mar, 2011

In Style cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-instyle-march-2011Moore appears on the cover of the March 2011 issue of In Style magazine. She talks about when she feels sexy and what her 50th birthday meant to her.

One thing a 50th birthday does is say, All right, time is marching. You have these things you’re happy with and proud of. But if there’s something you haven’t done that you’ve been waiting to do, then by all means, don’t want any longer. Do it!

1 Nov, 2010

Allure cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-allure-november-2010Moore appears on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Allure magazine. She talks about staying out in the sun, getting older, and plastic surgery.

I don’t believe it makes people look better. I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face, and I don’t think we find that instinctually appealing.

7 Mar, 2010

T cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-new-york-times-womens-fashionMoore appears on the cover of a March 2010 issue of T magazine. She talks about choosing clothing in productions.

People tell stories about themselves with their clothing, their hair, with the way they move and the way they present themselves,” she continued. “I learned that when I was young. I was always on the lookout for clues. And there are a lot of clues in how people dress

1 Mar, 2010

Blackbook cover

Magazine Cover

julianne-moore-blackbook-magazine-march-2010Moore appears on the cover of the March 2010 issue of Blackbook magazine. She talks about her scenes with Amanda Seyfried in Chloe, the dangers of celebrity culture, and explaining her job to her children.

Our parents are our parents, so that’s my connection to my children. My kids have some knowledge about my work, but they’ve never seen any of my movies, not even Jurassic Park. It’s not like I say, Gather around, everyone! It’s time to watch one of mommy’s movies!

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