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Gunmen enter Bataclan Music Hall

13 Nov, 2015

The gunmen enter the Bataclan Music Hall, in the 11th arrondissement, where Eagles of Death Metal are playing to an audience of 1000 people. They start shooting into the crowd from the balcony. About 100 hostages are taken. According to witnesses, some men try to bargain with the gunmen to let their wives leave the theater. Witness:

I have seen two terrorists, from my point of view, with AK-47 Kalashnikovs entering the concert room and firing randomly into the crowd. People yelled, screamed, and everybody lay on the floor. It lasted for 10 minutes, 10 minutes, 10 horrific minutes when everybody was on the floor covering their heads and we heard so many gunshots, and the terrorists were very calm, very determined, and they reloaded three or four times their weapons. They didn’t shout anything, they didn’t say anything. They were wearing black clothes and they were shooting at people on the floor, executing them. I was luckily at the top of the stage, on the front of the stage.

Bataclan attack video: People flee Paris theater seconds after terrorists open fire

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