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Jones: Rousey should ‘try again’

1 Jan, 1970

Jones, currently on a one year suspension for a failed drug test, says Rousey should pick herself up and try again.

My advice to Ronda would be to pick yourself up and try again.I think it’s important for Ronda to show her fans how great she truly is by displaying her courage and giving it another try. What she does next will truly determine her legacy. I really hope she chooses to be … unbroken. Her story doesn’t have to be over here. I also still believe she beats 90 (percent) of the division. Lots of ass kicking still to be done, lots of money to be made…Maybe she just needs to complement her coach with an MMA family. Maybe she should join one of the bigger MMA teams. … Being around other bad asses and constantly sharing your spotlight could be good for you (in) so many ways. They can improve on your humility.

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