Parents sue police chief

The McCann’s sue former Portuguese police chief, Goncalo Amaral, for book released in July 2008. Amaral claims in his book that the parents are to blame for the girls disappearance in an attempt to elongate investigations and cover up her death in their holiday apartment.

Mother criticizes ex-husband

Winehouse’s mother criticizes Blake Fielder-Civil for giving an interview at her grave. Janis Winehouse feels that his actions, alongside the fact he failed to wear a kippah at the Jewish cemetery were disrespectful to their religion. Liberal Judaism, owners of the section of the cemetery, have apologized to the family.

Case reopened

Portuguese authorities approved plans by Met police to dig for evidence in the resort where Madeleine Mccan disappeared. New information is not the cause for the operation but there appears to be information given to the Portuguese over the past years indicating there is evidence to be found at certain locations.

Boats capsize off Greek coast

22 people have drowned and 10 more are missing after two boats carrying migrants capsized off of Samos. There are thirty six survivors rescued from Aegean Sea with search continuing. The nationality of the boats is yet unknown.

Migrants’ ship sinks

At least 14 are killed in a ship carrying migrants about 100 miles off southern Italy. The coast guard rescues 200 others who are on the ship. Many of the migrants are from Africa, other’s are fleeing from war in Syria.

Boat sinks off Lybia

At least 40 people are dead when a boat carrying illegal migrants sinks off the coast of Tripoli. An estimated 50 are rescued but and unspecified number remain missing. It is assumed most on the vessel are from Africa in particular Syria. The migrants arrive to board boats heading towards European shores.

Parents sue police chief

The McCann’s sue former Portuguese police chief, Goncalo Amaral, for his claims in his book that they are to blame for the girl’s disappearance and have attemptted to lengthen investigations to cover up her death in their holiday apartment.

Solange attacks Jay-Z

On route to the Met Ball Gala after-party, Jay-Z is physically attacked by his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles. Security camera footage shows Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange entering the elevator with with a team of bodyguards. As soon as the elevator closes, Solange kicks and punches Jay-Z, who blocks the attack. She continues to shout insults and tries to hit him two more times. Beyonce stands against the wall with […]

Taxi driver claims sighting

Antonio Castela claims he picked up Madeleine Mccan the night after she disappears. Castela immediately reports sighting to police after three men, a woman and a young girl got into his cab in Algarve about an hours drive from Praia de Luz, where the family holiday apartment is located. Castela was never interviewed by police.

Disappears from room

Madeleine disappears  from an apartment while on holiday with parents and twin siblings in Praia da Luz. It is believed she is taken from her bed while her parents are dining at a nearby restaurant with friends.

Dies age 30

Balchata passes away Sunday at age 30. Balchata suffers from primary sclerosing cholangitis which leads to liver cancer. She passes away peaceful in her home.

Dead at 27

Police are called to Winehouse’s Camden Square apartment after calls reporting a deceased woman. Police state it is too soon to know if Winehouse died due to a drug overdose. Winehouse dies at age 27, the same age as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.


Amy Winehouse releases debut album, Frank on Island Records. Produced by Salaam Remi, the majority of the songs are co-written by Winehouse. The album is a mix of jazz, pop, soul, and hip-hop. Singles from the album include “In my bed”, “You sent me flying” and “Help yourself”. Aside from being critically acclaimed, the album is nominated […]

Mystery blaze kills 186

A 425 feet long circus tent packed with 7,000 people burst in flames during a performance in Hartford, Connecticut. Part of the blame lays on the waterproof canvas coated in paraffin wax dissolved in gasoline.  6,000 make it out safely while 186 perish, mostly women and children. Five Ringling Bro. officials are found guilty of […]

Circus performer dies after 30 foot fall

Dessi Espana, 32, falls 30 feet, landing on a concrete floor. The fall happens while Espana is twirling on long chiffon scarves as part of an aerial performance. No safety harness is used due to the movements in the performance. This is the first fatal accident in a Ringling Bros. circus in a decade.

Girl saved from forced marriage

Six year old Naghma is married off to pay for a $2,500 dollar debt. Her father, Taj Mohammed borrows the money to pay for medical bills when his wife becomes ill. Unable to repay the debt, the only solution is to marry the six year old to the money lender’s 19 year old son. A […]

Nine injured in fall

Nine performers are injured while performing a “human chandelier” act in Providence, Long Island. The metal frame holding eight of the women broke free, crashing to the floor, landing on a ninth woman. Officials have described the injuries as non-life threatening. The circus is scheduled to reopen Thursday in Hartford, Connecticut.

Born in Enfield, London

Amy Jade Winehouse is born in Chase Farm Hospital to Mitchell Winehouse, a taxi driver, and Janis Winehouse (née Seaton) a pharmacist. The family lives in London’s Southgate area. She attends the Susi Earnshaw Theatre school at age 9. She changes to Sylvia Young theatre school, she is expelled for piercing her nose and being rebellious at age […]