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6 May, 2023

Musk meets Red Bull team with son at Miami GP


Musk takes his three-year-old son, X Æ A-12, to the Miami Grand Prix, touring the Red Bull garage and talking to team boss Christian Horner and drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Horner said Larry Ellison invited Musk to the race (Oracle sponsors the Red Bull team):

We were talking about batteries, regeneration and so on. Great to have them here this weekend. I proposed a pure EV vs gas/hybrid F1 race.

Musk also spoke with F1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali at the event.

16 Mar, 2019

Gives team talk to Boston Bruins


McGregor attends the National Hockey League match, at the TD Garden, between the Boston Bruins and the Columbus Blue Jackets, and gives a rousing team talk to the Boston hosts:

Remember, nothing heroic gets done without support, without unity. We must back each other, we must support each other. Before you go out, look left, look right. Know that these people that are with you are your brothers… Boys, I wish you the best…Let’s go Boston Bruins.

The Bruins won a 2-1 in overtime, thanks to a winner from Brad Marchand. Marchand paid tribute to McGregor:

He’s an incredible guy, very energetic. He was humble. He was happy to be here…It was an honor to meet him…It’s something we’ll remember.


5 Mar, 2019

Celebrates mum’s 60th birthday in the Versace Mansion


McGregor’s whole family travel to America to help celebrate his mum Margaret’s 60th birthday. Dad Tony and sisters Erin and Aoife partied along with Margaret, Conor, Dee Devlin and their two kids Conor Jr. and Croia in the plush Versace Mansion in Miami, Florida. McGregor posts a series of photographs and a message:

My mother’s 60th birthday party at the Versace Mansion. My mother has long been a fan of this fine Italian silk. In fact we are fans of all the Italian fabrics, my current August McGregor line is Italian wool. Cosy. Thank you for gifting me this life my mother! I love you with all my soul.


3 Feb, 2019

Wear matching purple suits at Super Bowl


McGregor and Conor Jr. arrive at the Super Bowl LIII in matching purple suits and are allowed onto the field to throw a ball around before the game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. 


15 Jul, 2018

Attends World Cup final


McGregor posts a picture of himself watching France vs. Croatia in the World Cup final.

Enjoying the World Cup final in Russia. A truly amazing spectacle!


9 Jan, 2018

McGregor rents out amusement park for private event


McGregor rents out the Funderland amusement park in Dublin, Ireland for a private event for friends and family, including his son, girlfriend and training partner, Ciaran Maher.


5 Dec, 2017

Attends British Fashion Awards


McGregor posts a photo alongside Donatella Versace, Lewis Hamilton, and Rita Ora, at the British Fashion Awards.

We ran that show tonight. #DonDonatella #Versace


4 Sep, 2017

McGregor parties at friends’ wedding in Ibiza


McGregor parties at wedding of childhood friend Tom Devitt, in Ibiza, still sporting a black eye from the fight. He is accompanied by his mother, Margaret, and partner, Dee. McGregor congratulates his friends and looks forward to the party.


28 Aug, 2017

Irish lad sneaked into $80,000 front row seats without buying a ticket


Brian Grace, 19 years old, from Limerick, didn’t have a ticket for the McGregor-Mayweather fight, but he ended up in front row seats worth $80,000. All he did was carry a ladder. Brian was in Vegas with two friends, who both had tickets to the main event, but Brian did not. However, he soon found himself in the front row.

There were two different security check-points. The first one was metal detectors and sniffer dogs. I hung around for a bit and then I noticed that Conor’s family – not his close family, maybe his extended family, like his cousins or something – they all turned up. I was well dressed, so I just walked in with them, and there was so many of them that it wasn’t a problem…I was walking around a bit and I noticed this ladder just lying there by a door, so I picked it up and walked in, no security pass or anything, just straight through this door. Then I put the ladder down, found my mates inside and we played the waiting game.

27 Aug, 2017

McGregor parties with fans after Mayweather loss


McGregor parties with fans, including Orlando Bloom, at Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas, after his TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather. McGregor personally paid $100,000 so his entourage could enjoy free drinks and private cabanas.

You’ll never beat the Irish.

McGregor arrives in stadium


McGregor arrives at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, sporting a buzz cut.


25 Jun, 2017

13RW cast march in San Francisco Pride Parade


Most of the 13RW cast, including Katherine Langford, Justin Prentice, Alisha Boe, and Michele Selene Ang, march in the San Francisco Pride Parade, wearing t-shirts that say “BE AN ORIGINAL” — in reference to the fact that 13RW is an original Netflix series. The cast pose for pics, interact with fans, and supportmichele the LGBTQ+ community.

Langford Instagrams:

Wishing everyone a beautiful and safe day, full of love. Thank you to everyone who came out this weekend, and to those who continually support the community. May we continue to support and fight for those who are marginalised.


4 Jun, 2017

McGregor visits Forbidden Fruit festival


McGregor makes an appearance at the Forbidden Fruit Festival. He arrives at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham venue in a blacked-out Mercedes bus, wearing a red shirt, shorts and Gucci shoes. Source:

The way people shit themselves when they see him coming. The guards actually advised that he didn’t leave his VIP area but no one tells McGregor what he can & can’t do. Certainly not the guards anyway


29 May, 2017

McGregor stays at pub landlord’s house after big night out in Skerries


On a visit to the coastal town of Skerries in Co Dublin McGregor is mobbed by fans in a local pub. Landlord Ollie Grimes says Gregor found out about Ollie’s Place through an MMA connection: head chef Stephen Kavanagh is the brother of MMA womens’ champion Sinead Kavanagh.

I just got a call from Conor asking if he could pop out to Skerries for a bit of craic. I told him ‘come on out’. The next thing I knew he was stood next to the regulars in my bar. I’ve had Nicky Byrne of Westlife, and Roger Daltrey of The Who drinking in my bar but I’ve never seen anything like the crowd that turned up to see Conor. He really is the people’s champion, signing autographs for everyone and doing pictures.

After closing Ollie put Conor up at his own home rather than sending him back in a taxi to Kildare.

There’s no hotel in Skerries so I thought he can stay with me but I wasn’t really sure my wife would believe me when I rang her to say Conor McGregor was staying over. That is until I arrived home at the door with Conor beside me. I woke up the next morning thinking I’d dreamt the whole thing up, but there was Conor ­having breakfast with my family. I waved him off a while later. He was a huge hit in ­Skerries.

9 Apr, 2017

Parties in Liverpool after the Grand National


McGregor attends a party in Liverpool, after the Grand National. In the video he appears to be firing dollar bills that have his face on them into the crowd.


8 Apr, 2017

Attends Grand National


McGregor attends the Grand National in Aintree, Liverpool. He wears a Louis Vuitton shirt open to the waist, and white trousers.


Arrives in Liverpool on private jet ahead of Grand National


McGregor arrives in Liverpool ahead of a visit to the Aintree Grand National. He touched down on his private jet at John Lennon Airport before leaving in an entourage of five high performance cars including three £200,000 white Rolls Royces.

18 Mar, 2017

Parties on St. Patrick’s Day


McGregor goes out partying in New York City.

[I’m gonna] take the world by storm.

17 Mar, 2017

McGregor walks out for Conlan


McGregor walks out for Conlan’s professional debut in New York’s Madison Square Garden. As they walk out, McGregor says:

Stay calm in the chaos. Controlled in the chaos. Relax. Let it come to you. This is your night.