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27 Jan, 2017

Hollande: Trump policies ‘challenging’

Makes Statement

At a joint press conference with Angela Merkel, President Hollande says Trump’s administration poses “challenges” for Europe.

Let’s speak very frankly, there are challenges, there are the challenges the US administration poses to our trade rules, as well as to our ability to resolve conflicts around the world,” Hollande said in Berlin. So we of course have to talk to Donald Trump since he was chosen by the Americans to be their president.

11 Oct, 2016

Postpones Paris visit

Appearance Cancellation

After Hollande cancels a meeting with Putin, the Russian president cancels his visit to Paris, where he was to inaugurate a new Russian Orthodox cathedral and visit a Russian art exhibition on Oct. 19. Hollande:

I made it known to Mr Putin that if he came to Paris, I would not accompany him to any ceremonies, but that I was ready to continue the dialogue on Syria. He decided to postpone the visit…With Russia, France has a major disagreement on Syria and the Russian veto of the French resolution at the U.N. Security Council has prevented the cessation of bombings and enablement of a truce. I’m ready to meet President Putin if we can advance peace, end the bombings and announce a truce.

Accuses Russia of war crimes


President Hollande accuses Russia of war crimes in Syria, and says he wants to sue the country in International Criminal Court for their role in alleged war crimes over the Syrian city of Aleppo. Hollande also says he may not receive the Russian president who is scheduled to visit Paris, late this month, for a church opening ceremony.

I have asked myself that question: Is it useful? Is it necessary? Could we do something that pushes him as well and stop what they’re doing with the Syrian regime — that is to say the help they are providing to the Syrian regime, which sends bombs to the population of Aleppo? If I receive him, I would tell him that it is unacceptable, that it is bad even for the image of Russia. What I tell them, is that these populations are populations that are today victims of war crimes and those who commit those acts will have to pay for their responsibility in front of the International Criminal Court.
13 Nov, 2015

Visits Bataclan

Hollande visits the Bataclan theater.

To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless. Because when terrorists are capable of committing such atrocities they must be certain that they are facing a determined France, a united France, a France that is together and does not let itself be moved, even if today we express infinite sorrow.

Declares State of Emergency

Makes Statement

Hollande declares a State of Emergency and closes France’s borders.

As I speak, terrorist attacks of unprecedented proportions are underway in the Paris area. There are dozens killed, there are many injured. It is a horror. We have, on my decision, mobilised all forces possible to neutralise the terrorists and make all concerned areas safe. I have also asked for military reinforcements. They are currently in the Paris area, to ensure that no new attack can take place. I have also called a cabinet meeting that will be held in a few minutes. Two decisions will be taken: a state of emergency will be declared, which means that some places will be closed, traffic may be banned , and there will also be searches which may be decided throughout Ile de France (greater Paris). The state of emergency will be proclaimed throughout the territory (of France). The second decision I have made is to close the borders. We must ensure that no one enters to commit any crimes and that those who have committed the crimes that we have unfortunately seen can also be arrested if they should leave the territory. What the terrorists want is to scare us and fill us with dread. There is indeed reason to be afraid. There is dread, but in the face of this dread, there is a nation that knows how to defend itself, that knows how to mobilise its forces and, once again, will defeat the terrorists.

France: Hollande declares state of emergency in light of Paris attacks

Stade de France evacuated

Terror Incident

Multiple explosions are heard near the Stade de France, where President Hollande is watching international friendly football match between France and Germany. Hollande is evacuated from the building. Following the game, fans are moved onto the pitch to await evacuation.

16 Sep, 2015

Military coup, protests

Military Action

Burkina Faso’s military declares it now controls the country, confirming that a coup has taken place, and that the transitional government has been dissolved. Thee coup leaders says the former president’s former chief-of-staff, General Diendere, will lead the country.  The Economic Community of West African States calls for the immediate release of the interim President Kafando and Prime Minister Zida. The coup leaders say talks will be held to form a new interim government that will organize “peaceful and inclusive elections”. Transitional parliamentary speaker Sy said the move was “clearly a coup” and that the presidential guard had “sequestrated” the interim government, and he urges people to protest on the streets.

We are in a resistance situation against adversity.

Presidential forces open fire to disperse protesters in the capital, and 10 people are reported killed. French President Hollande said he strongly condemns the coup, but says France. would not intervene militarily,

Army confirms coup in Burkina Faso

23 Aug, 2015

Chevaliers of the Legion of Honor

Other Awards

Hollande award imageIn a ceremony at France’s Elysée Palace, French President Hollande makes Roseburg, Stone and Sadler Chevaliers of the Legion of Honor, France’s highest decoration. Hollande says the four men had averted a catastrophe when they tackled and trussed a heavily armed man who had opened fire on the train. He says their coolness under fire was a lesson to all of France — and the world.

You have shown that in the face of terror, you can resist. So you have given us a lesson of courage, of determination and therefore of hope. There were over 500 passengers on that train. Ayoub el-Khazzani possessed over 300 bullets. And we realize now how close we were to a tragedy and a massacre.

3 Jul, 2015

Denied French asylum



Just days after Wikileaks makes documents public showing that the United States had spied on past French leaders, and President Hollande, Le Monde publishes an open letter from Assange, requesting the President grant him French asylum:

My life is in danger, France is the only country that can offer me the necessary protection against … the political persecutions I face.

Less than an hour after the letter is published, Hollande’s office issues an official statement saying that Assange’s asylum request has been denied, because Assange’s predicament “presents no immediate danger.” Assange remains in Ecuador’s London embassy.

26 Jun, 2015

France beheading, explosion

Terror Incident

One person is beheaded and at least 12 injured in an explosion in what officials say was a terrorist attack at a gas factory in a small town in southeastern France. An Islamic State flag is found at the site of the attack. President Hollande:

The terrorist nature of this act are without doubt. There is no doubt that the intention was to provoke an attack, an explosion.

7 Jan, 2015

12 dead, 8 injured

Death CountTerror Incident

Three masked gunmen kill 12 people, including the editor, and injure eight in an alleged terrorist attack on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine. The search for the gunmen continues. One gunman, according to French video:

Hey! We avenged the Prophet Muhammed! We killed Charlie Hebdo.

French President Francois Hollande:

[This is] a terrorist attack without a doubt

25 Sep, 2014

Confirms French national executed

Terror Incident

Hollande confirms that French national Herve Gourdel has been killed by Algeria-based ISIS-linked group Jund al-Khilafah (Soldiers of the Caliphate) in a videotaped beheading. He says at the UN headquarters in New York that the killing won’t prompt France to abandon military action against ISIS, and that it will continue to fight terrorism:

The perpetrators of this odious crime must be punished

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