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11 Jun, 2014


Single Release

platLambert ‘s album, Platinum, takes the number one spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. She becomes the only country artist in 50-years to have each of her first five albums debut at number one.

THANK YOU to the music lovers who believe in albums and spent your hard-earned money on 16 songs! 16 songs that all say something important to me. I hope that they also speak to you, and I hope you enjoy listening to Platinum. Thank you to the incredible musicians, songwriters, producers and artists that put this record together. I’m the luckiest girl in the world, blessed with the best fans!

9 Jan, 2013

Mama’s Broken Heart

Single Release

The artist releases the single, written by Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally. Musgraves says the song is about the generational differences between women:

I feel like women in my grandmother’s generation were expected to put on a pretty face, and have dinner on the table, and not really show their crazy sides too much. Now, I feel like it’s a little bit different. Sometimes you just have to let it out, or it’ll just be bad news for everyone. I can relate to the song in that way.

Miranda Lambert - Mama's Broken Heart

1 Mar, 2012

Over You

Single Release

Lambert releases the video for the song that she co-wrote with her husband Blake Shelton. The song is about the loss of Shelton’s brother who was killed in a car accident when he was a teenager. Shelton explains what brought the couple to write the single:

Because we were talking about my brother. And that’s how those things should happen, probably. It was really a way of healing, and honoring my brother’s memory. And the fact that people were into the song … that’s a thrill for me.

Miranda Lambert - Over You

8 Mar, 2010

The House That Built Me

Single Release

Lambert releases a single that tells a story about a woman who returns to the steps of her childhood home. In the song, she asks the owner if she may come inside the house for a moment:

Everybody’s had that comfortable home place—or maybe even a person— that made you who you are, but that you can’t ever really go back to. I grew up on an old dairy farm in the country. We had older ladies knock on the door all the time and ask if they could come in because they were raised there, or their husband lived there when they got married… so many different stories. My mom would give them tea, and I’d sit there and listen to them tell the story about our house. And now I know the people that live there. I would be really sad if I could never go back there again… because our dog is buried in the yard, and there are just so many memories. I heard this song and I cried for two hours. When a song hits you like that, you know it’s gonna affect other people the same way.

Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me

4 May, 2009

Dead Flowers

Single Release

Lambert releases her single, Dead Flowers, from her album, Revolution. Lambert:

This was really one of those songs that just hit me. It just wrote itself. It was about 30 minutes—and I’d written it. I’d thrown the flowers in the yard that I’d gotten for Valentine’s Day. It was sad, you know. They weren’t dead, but I had to leave and go on the road. They were going to be dead when I got back, so that’s kind of where the song came from.

The video is basically written around every single lyric of the song—from dead flowers to Christmas lights to the wind. It’s just a kind of a going through your house type of thing—just being really introverted and just really depressed about the state of your relationship. I love it when video directors take the lyrics of your song and really portray every single little detail because, as a writer, that’s my baby, and I want it to be a real depiction. Randee St. Nicholas is a great director. I knew that she could draw that emotion back out of me because I obviously had that emotion at one time.

Miranda Lambert - Dead Flowers

Jan 2008

Gunpowder and Lead

Single Release

The country singer’s first top 10 hit single Gunpowder and Lead tells a story about a woman who is sitting with a gun and waiting for her abusive man to come home from jail. The song was inspired by the abused women that Lambert’s family would take in, in particular, one woman who came in crying with a black eye.

Some people are like, Ugh! I can’t believe she’s singing that! And it’s meant to be taken light-hearted in some aspects, but this song is also very real to me … When I was younger, my parents took in abused women and their kids, so I saw first-hand what damage it can do to a family to be in an abusive relationship.

Gunpowder And Lead Music Video

1 May, 2007

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Single Release

Lambert releases her 2nd album, which includes a single that shares the name. When asked if she has any real-life “crazy ex-girlfriend” stories to share:

Once, my high school boyfriend was ironing his shirt and he says, “I’m just going over to so-and-so’s house to watch movies.” My parents are private investigators, so I’m thinking, “You’re ironing your shirt to go to a buddy’s house? I’m not buying that.” So I drive by this club he promised to stop going to — it’s kind of raunchy, like a guy with a girlfriend shouldn’t go there, you know what I mean? — and his car was there. We broke up the next day.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-Miranda Lambert

22 Feb, 2005

Me and Charlie Talking

Single Release

Lambert releases her single Me and Charlie Talking from her album, Kerosene. Lambert co-wrote her single with her father. On writing with people that are not someone she knows:

It’s hard for me. I’m really kind of a closed person. I don’t open up to just anybody. Having an appointment to write with someone I’ve never met and then telling them everything is a little scary for me. Writing by yourself is almost unheard of now. Nobody does it anymore but I still can, so I’m going to try to hold on to that.

Miranda Lambert - Me and Charlie Talking

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