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Dan Auerbach born in Akron, Ohio

14 May, 1979

Dan Auerbach¬†is born in Akron, Ohio. His father is an antiques dealer who introduces him to artists like Robert Johnson, the Grateful Dead, and Hank Williams, while he is introduced to spiritual songs and bluegrass at his mother’s family gatherings. Auerbach says stories of his grandmother’s escape from the Nazis has a big influence on him.

Mum, dad, elder brothers, everyone. She made it to England and learned to speak English. She met my grandpa, who was in the army, and they moved to New Jersey, and eventually reunited with my great-uncle. All those stories were a big part of my growing up. You realise how lucky we are. It certainly makes you work harder.

Auerbach is captain of the soccer team in high school, but also experiments with drugs and listens to Howard Stern. He lives just blocks away from future bandmate Carney.

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