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World Championship Wrestling is a now defunct wrestling promotion that competed with WWE in the 1990’s until Vince McMahon purchased the company and assumed all rights to the product.

28 Dec, 1997

Beats Hogan for WCW Title

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Hollywood Hulk Hogan to reclaim WCW title from the nWo faction. The match ends in controversy as Bret Hart accuses referee (Neil Patrick) of fast count and declares Sting the winner after restarting the match.

Hulk is the best ever in the business. He’s the biggest draw in wrestling history. Starrcade 1997 is still my all-time favorite match.

Hulk Hogan vs Sting - World Heavyweight title - WCW Monday Nitro - 8/23/99

7 Jul, 1990

Wins NWA Championship

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Ric Flair for NWA Championship at the Great American Bash pay-per-view.

That match right there put me on the map, and I give Ric Flair all the kudos that I could possibly muster. 


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