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Alicia Keys

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30 Mar, 2015

Launch Tidal

Product Release

Jay-Z launches his streaming music service TIDAL at an industry event, #TIDALforall at Skylight in Moynihan Station in New York City. He announces his partnership with 16 other artists, including Beyonce, Madonna, Usher, Rihanna, Butler and Chassagne of Arcade Fire, Jason Aldean, J. Cole, Jack Wright, Chris Martin, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Nikki Minaj, Coldplay and Calvin Harris, who formally sign a declaration of partnership. Tidal is the first service to offer ad-free music, video and editorial content owned by the stars who actually create it. The high quality sound service is available across iOS and Android devices, as well as in Web browsers and desktop players, in the U.S. and 30 other countries. Tidal Premium is $9.99, and Tidal Hifi is $19.99. Alicia Keys:

We come to you with one voice in unity. The first ever artist owned global music and entertainment platform!

27 Dec, 2014

Genesis Ali Dean born


Keys welcomes her second child with husband Swizz Beatz, a son named Genesis Ali Dean. Genesis joins brother Egypt, 4. Swizz Beatz on Instagram:

The Joy of Joy is Joy it’s a Boy #Blessings.

9 Sep, 2014

We Are Here video

Keys releases music video for the single We Are Here.

31 Mar, 2014

It’s On Again

Single Release

The artist releases It’s On Again, featuring Lamar, from the album, The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

I’m very excited to be a part of such a powerful collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer. This is the next chapter in the Spider-Man legacy and we really feel It’s On Again captures the experience, the story—and most importantly—the meaning behind the film, which is that we all have the potential to be extraordinary. There’s a little bit of a super hero in all of us.

3 Mar, 2014

Tavis Smiley interview


Keys discusses her career and album, Girl on Fire, in this interview for PBS.

Well, I personally, this whole project, this whole time in my life, this whole album really represents a really important time for me, where I’ve actually – it’s funny you bring up that word – where I’ve actually been in the process of removing fear from my vocabulary, from my essence. Because I feel like we can do so much greatness when we’re not afraid. It’s when we become afraid of everything and worried about everything that you are never going to reach your highest potential.

26 Jan, 2014

Wins Grammy


imagesKeys wins the Grammy for Best R&B Album for Girl On Fire.

The album is really about finding your own passion, finding your own flow and standing in your own space. And just being fully and completely yourself.”

7 May, 2013

Tears Always Win

Single Release

The artist releases her single, Tears Always Win, from her album, Girl On Fire.

Tears Always Win is really about a relationship that’s over and you’re remembering all the times that it was there. You’re remembering all the ways they filled your space and now that it’s not there. You’re telling yourself you don’t need them, but you’re missing them and you’re crying about it.

3 Mar, 2013



Keys speaks about her childhood in New York, her first time knowing what she wanted to do in life, and her first record deal. She expands into her adult life about her career, her love for her son and her husband. She contributes her success on always staying true to herself.

He’s just bubbling over with life

21 Feb, 2013

New Day

Single Release

The artist releases New Day, from her album, Girl On Fire.

A new day is the possibility to choose how to create the life of your dreams and letting no one to stop you.

4 Dec, 2012

Essence cover

alicia-keys-essence-coverKeys appears on the cover of Essence magazine to discuss her work-life balance and Hurricane Sandy.

It’s okay if I can’t do every single thing. I finally understand that it doesn’t make me a lesser artist or human being.

On being unprepared for Hurricane Sandy:

After the third or fourth tuna fish sandwich, and after we learned we’d be without power for a week, I called my mother, who lives Uptown. She was okay and hadn’t lost any power, so we ended up going to her house. We were pretty lucky.

19 Nov, 2012

Brand New Me

Single Release

The artist releases Brand New Me, from her album, Girl On Fire.

Brand New Me is about the journey it takes to get to a place where you are proud to be a new you. There is nothing wrong with growing. There may be people in your life that knew you for a long time and they think of you only as the person you used to be and not the person you now are.
And this song is a conversation introducing them to the new you. Where nothing can hold you back and no one can hold you down.

13 Nov, 2012

Unlocking Alicia interview

alicia keysKeys is interviewed by Complex.com:

My dream is to be that good someday and she’s still as focused as ever. I’m competitive with myself in the sense that I want to get better,” she says now. It’s not that I’m obsessively dissecting myself, but there’s a critique that happens. I am very driven. I’m not comparing myself to other people. I don’t wanna be like her or him. I want to be my best.

4 Sep, 2012

Girl on Fire

Single Release

The artist releases Girl On Fire, from her album with the same title.

I wrote this way before The Hunger Games came out, but they did approach me to do a song for it – the timing just didn’t work out.

23 Aug, 2012

Album cover release

22Keys releases the cover art for her fifth studio album Girl On Fire. 

I have arrived at a place in myself that I am comfortable being exactly who I am in this moment and sharing it with no reservations.

13 Feb, 2011

Wins Grammy


indexJay-Z and Keys wins Grammys for Best Rap-Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song for Empire State Of Mind.

30 Jul, 2010

Keys, Beatz marry


alicia-swizz-wedding-photoKeys and Beatz get married on the French island of Corsica. The pregnant bride wears a white one-shoulder Vera Wang gown and the groom is in a Tom Ford tuxedo and Christian Louboutin Oxfords.


28 May, 2010

Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)

Single Release

The artist releases Un-thinkable (I’m Ready), featuring vocals from Drake, from The Element Of Freedom. Drake:

They reached out and she said she really wanted me to do something on her project. But she wanted me to do me, not do an Alicia Keys record. And man, she gave me one of the best studio experiences of my life.I came in there and instead of being like, ‘Here’s the beat, get to work,’ she was just like, ‘Play me your favorite songs and lets battle.’ It’s almost like the transition from [listening to] great music to making a song – like, no one even noticed it, because she started playing the keys and I just started writing the melodies.

17 Nov, 2009

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Single Release

The artist releases Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart, from The Element Of Freedom.

I just love that song. I’m excited about that song as I just love the way it’s pushing things forward. It’s a great representation of where I am now. I can play it with tons of music behind me or I can play it with just the piano. Either way it touches, you get it. I’m so very excited by that record.

22 Sep, 2009

Doesn’t Mean Anything

Single Release

The artist releases Doesn’t Mean Anything, from her album, The Element Of Freedom.

The sound of it is very different – it almost feels like you’re flying. It takes you there. It has that piano, heavy-drum feeling. But the song touches you in this way. You dream of having all these things, you dream of going all these places. But what’s the point of doing that, having that, if the one you want to be there isn’t with you? Even though that sounds like a heavy feeling, the sound of it, it makes you feel inspired. To find where you’re going and be there with the people that you love – what else is life, really?

8 Feb, 2009

Wins Grammy


Keys wins the Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for Superwoman.

29 Jul, 2008


Single Release

The artist releases her single, Superwoman, from her album, As I Am.

A Superwoman is a woman who has incredible dreams, incredible ambitions, all the things she wants to do, but she also knows how to take care of herself.

10 Feb, 2008

Wins Grammy


Keys wins the Grammys for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song for No One.

26 Nov, 2007

Like You’ll Never See Me Again

Single Release

The artist releases her single, Like You’ll Never See Me Again, from her album, As I Am. Keys explains the song is:

about living every moment as if it’s your last. Because if it’s our last time to say, ‘I love you,’ then let it be that we didn’t forget that.

11 Sep, 2007

No One

Single Release

The artist releases her single, No One, from her album, As I Am.

No One is really talking about the way that in relationships, so many things are around you all the time to try to distract you. And even though people may talk and say whatever they may want to say, but then no one can get in the way of this.

9 Sep, 2007

As I Am

ak1Keys releases As I Am, her second studio album. Popular hits on this album includes No One which was Keys first single, followed by Like You’ll Never See Me Again, Teenage Love Affair, and Superwoman. As I Am sold over five million copies worldwide. Keys collaborated with John Mayer, Linda Perry, and Jack Splash.

Even when I’m singing on record there’s a lot of times when I’ll fight for a bit of imperfection. I might not have quite hit the note to the perfect pitch but there was a soul in there and feeling that, to me, delivers the emotion of that moment. For me, doing a show, the excitement of singing live, and the possibility that you’re not gonna be perfect – that’s the thrill of it.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Alicia Keys, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more