Walk of Fame star

Osborne is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He attends an unveiling ceremony in Los Angeles to receive his star alongside fellow inductees Tom Cruise, Julie Andrews, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier, and Dudley Moore. To say that this is an honor is not enough.

Wins damages

Mills wins $316,700 in damages for an accident involving British police motorcyclist PC Osborne. The case is settled out of court without any admission of guilt from Mills for the loss of her left leg. Mills issues a statement saying she only sued Osborne after he pursued his own claims against her for stress, anxiety, and loss […]

Sues Lennon aide

Ono files a lawsuit in New York against Seaman, Lennon’s former assistant. Ono claims Seaman stole priceless personal items – including unreleased recordings, love letters, paintings, and hundreds of photographs – belonging to Lennon. The suit alleges Seaman devised an elaborate plan called Project Walrus – after the Beatles song I Am The Walrus – to steal Lennon’s belongings. […]

Joel, Brinkley divorce

Joel and Brinkley announce their seaparation in a written statement. The couple says they their breakup is amicable, and has only been kept quiet to protect their 8-year old daughter, Alexa. We have been there to support each other during critical times and expect to be there for each other in the future. When Billy was […]

Settles LAX scuffle lawsuit

West settles lawsuit with photographer Daniel Ramos over LAX scuffle. Ramos’ attorney, Allred, doesn’t reveal the terms of the settlement, but says the agreement includes West apologizing to Ramos. Allred: We believe that this case sent an important message. Celebrities are not above the law, and they have no right to physically attack someone simply because they were asked a […]

Warsaw concert

The band performs their first concert behind the Iron Curtain at Stalin Palace in Warsaw, Poland. Among the songs performed during the set are Paint it Black, Lady Jane, and Satisfaction.

Sues Napster

Metallica files a lawsuit against Napster in Central District of California, alleging Napster encourages piracy by allowing its users to download trade copyrighted songs. The suit, which also names the University of Southern California, Indiana University, and Yale University, accuses Napster of violating copyright infringement law and the Racketeering Influenced & Corrput Act (RICO). Drummer Ulrich says: We take […]

Elected mayor

Bono is elected mayor of Palm Springs after a seven-way election with 4,842 votes. He celebrates his success among a crowd of 1,000 supporters at Maxim’s Suite Hotel as a live band plays the theme song from Rocky. It’s a wonderful American thing that just happened.

Plea deal

Van Winkle agrees to a plea deal over grand theft charges. In pre-trial intervention deal, the rapper agrees to pay $1,333 in restitution to Lantana neighbor and perform 100 hours of community service with Habitat for Humanity. Defense lawyer Bradford Cohen says Van Winkle must acknowledge he is guilty of the crime, but will have no criminal […]

Fires lawyer

Knight complains to judge about being confined to a wheelchair before firing his lawyer, David Kenner. Knight doesn’t give a reason for wanting to replace Kenner. Judge Ronald Coen asks Knight if he wants to fire his lawyer. Knight replies: Kenner is fired.