Meyers, Ashe marry

 The couple wed in Martha’s Vineyard, where they’ve spent many vacations. The popular island is also home to Ashe’s parents. Many celebrities attend, which include Jimmy Fallon, Olivia Wilde, Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler.

Jeremy Kyle Show

Fielder-Civil talks about how he introduced his ex-wife to heroin and how he feels responsible for not being more stern with her when she asked to try it. Then it got a lot worse while I was in jail and then when I came out of jail I was told that if I loved her […]

Jordan, Prieto marry

The couple wed in front of 300 guests during a star studded ceremony at the Bethesda-by-the-Sea church in Palm Beach, Fla. The reception is held in a tent at the Bears Club . The 40,000 square foot tent is decorated with white roses, peonies and tulips, and guests munched on white rum wedding cake that is decorated with crystal brooches. 

Back to Black

 Winehouse’s sophomore album releases with soulful heartbreak and love songs. The album includes the first single, Rehab, as well as Tears Dry On Their Own, Me &Mr. Jones, and Back to Black. The last album was very like ‘Screw you, everything went wrong, I do what I want’, this album is a bit more like ‘We […]

Cavallari, Cutler marry

The couple throw an intimate wedding with close family and friends at the Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The bride wears a strapless white gown, which has a high belt and bustled skirt, with a bouquet of matching white flowers. The groom wears a gray suit. The bridesmaids wear one-shoulder champagne colored dresses, carrying white and pink flowers. […]

Fishel, Belusko marry

The couple wed  at L.A.’s Vibiana, the bride wore a white-lace strapless gown with a flared skirt and she carried a bouquet of dark purple flowers.  Her hair was styled in long flowy waves around her shoulders. The bridesmaids wore midight blue dresses. The actress tweets: The most important thing is that the day feels authentic to us. […]

Applegate, LeNoble marry

The couple weds in their home with only six guests including their two year old daughter. The bride wears a Maria Lucia Hohan gown, with a hippy style. There are no plans for a reception or honeymoon to follow. 

Knightley, Righton marry

The actress and singer wed in a low-key ceremony in Providence, France. Knightely wears an above them knee strapless tulle dress, cropped Chanel jacket and ballet shoes. While the groom wears a dark blue suit and light blue tie.  An audience of 11 wore casual clothes.

Porter, Mayfield marry

The actor and casting  producer wed in Austin, Texas in front of family and  friends. The bride wears a white lacy gown and the groom, a three piece gray suit with a pink flower boutonniere. Today is the day. There are no more tomorrows. And I could not be happier.

Phifer, Barnes marry

The couple wed in Beverly Hills California  at the Montage Hotel, on an outdoor terrace in front of 100 family and friends. Mekhi’s son, walks down the aisle with a leashed Chihuahua. The actor walks down the aisle to Steve Wonder’s Robbin in the Sky, the bride enters to the traditional Here comes the bride.   When she made her […]

Madison, Rotella marry

 The former playmate marries Pasquale in New Orleans at Disneyland in a fairy tale themed ceremony. They rode in a glass carriage Main Street. 150 guests attended along with special guests: Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Donald and Daisy Duck. The bride wore a strapless ballgown with a blue sash that tied into a big bow in the back.

Grimes, Beech marry

 The actress and the model wed outside of London in a nonreligious ceremony. The low key wedding happened at the countryside tudor manor in front of close friends and family. The bride walked down the aisle to house music. The bride tweets: I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Beech!  

Kimmel, McNearney marry

 The late night host and his long time girlfriend wed in Ojai, California at the Ojai Valley Inn. The weekend is full of wedding events such as a post wedding brunch and a meet and greet with the bride and groom in a barn near the ceremony location. Jimmy and Molly seemed ecstatic and so […]

Bosworth, Polish marry

 The couple wed in Montana on a ranch at Rock Creek. The bride wears an Oscar de la Renta dress and was taken by a horse drawn carriage to the mountain top where they got married. Guests were able to horse back ride, hike, and fly fish. I’ve been a horse rider my whole life and […]

Washington, Asomugha marry

Washington and Asomugha wed in Hailey, Idaho, with her parents serving as witnesses and his sister officiating. The private couple have been dating for a year. The marriage is a shock to fans, whom many didn’t know the two were a pair, let alone planning to get married.

Goodwin, Dallas marry

The ‘Once Upon A Time’  co-stars wed in Los Angeles, with thirty of their close family and friends in front of the sunset.  The couple’s reception was outside in a courtyard with cactus and stone pathways.  Guests enjoyed the cocktail style  reception with Spanish guitar entertainment. Ginnifer and Josh seemed very relaxed and happy.  They […]

Bell, Shepard marry

The couple wed at the a California court house. They waited three years to get married until same sex marriage was legal in California. They wanted a low-key occasion; family and friends did not attended the ceremony. I don’t fault anyone who wants a big day – especially girls. [But] we get more than enough […]

Coroner: ‘alcohol toxicity’

A London coroner rules Winehouse’s death cause by alcohol overdose. Despite noting that: [Winehouse was an] intelligent, determined young woman who, at times, was able to successful abstain from alcohol. she ruled that her death was “death by misadventure,” and noted that the inquest said Winehouse was more than five times over the legal limit, and […]

Winehouse, Fielder-Civil divorce

A London judge grants the singer and her husband a divorce. Fielder- Civil filed due to Winehouse’s adultery, which she admits. He says that it became intolerable to live with her. Their divorce will be final in six weeks.

Let go by the Knicks

Odom is let go by the New York Knicks , President Phil Jackson announces. Unfortunately, Lamar was unable to uphold the standards to return as an NBA player. We found it necessary to free up the roster spot.

Inside the Actors Studio

Clooney talks about his childhood, how he got into acting, and various roles he has played. If Batman had to wear the suit you had to wear, everyone would die – because you can’t move

Sentence: Eight years

U.S. District Court Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr. sentences Nida to eight years of jail on charges of conspiring to commit mail, wire and bank fraud. The sentence will be followed by five years of supervised release. Nida is also ordered to pay restitution to the victims of his offenses. The U.S. Attorney’s office says: Nida’s sentence should be an eye […]

‘They did the right thing’

Short reacts to being let go from Scandal: They did not throw me to the curb like trash — that’s my family. They knew that I was going through a tough season and rallied around me and wrapped their arms around me, from Shonda to the craft service man. We’re a family.


McGraw speaks about his life as a singer, actor and family man. You have to own it. Anything that you want to be good at and anything that you want to succeed at


Richie discusses how he wrote We Are The World in one day and the experience in making it come to life. Back then you couldn’t email it, you had to put it on a cassette and send it to people. So we had people agreeing to be involved with a song they haven’t heard yet


Sawyer discusses the advice she receives along the her journey especially from her father. My dad, I still think, had the most beautiful, simple checklist for what you should do in life: Do something you really love that you would do it anyway. Do it in the most adventurous place you can do it. And […]


The former model talks about how growing up pretty has its disadvantages. I did not grow up feeling that I had to prove that I was as good as boys. I assumed that I was


The television producer talks about how pushing people can make for a wonderful outcome. I push people pretty hard, and the only thing that justifies the abuse is the exhilaration of a skit working, because when it does it’s a joy to behold


Rice talks about being the United States Secretary of State and helps her students learn that life is not cut and dry. You can’t plan every step in life


The singer talks about her life with Fleetwood Mac and how she overcomes cocaine addiction. Here’s the truth — I know this for sure — we are not defined by the challenges in our lives, but how we face them


Cowell speaks about being a creator and believing in brutal honesty.  I would say the biggest failures I’ve had were at a time when I believed my own hype


McEntire talks about being a mother and the hard work to get a number one record. There’s a lot of power in putting it out in the universe. It’s telling your subconscious mind, ‘This is what’s gonna happen


Hill discusses his NBA career, marriage, fatherhood and never becoming too comfortable in life. You constantly want to push yourself and challenge yourself. And through competition … you’re discovering more about yourself


Kravitz talks about his life growing up as biracial, a famous mother and his music career. He also explains what love and success means to him. The idea of having to conform to someone else’s ideal is unacceptable. I’m gonna be me. And if I can’t be me, then I’d rather not do it.


Carroll talks about how she overcomes her abandonment issues and finds happiness within herself. Nobody can make you extremely happy but you


Sarandon speaks about her life as an actress, lessons in relationships, and being the best person you can. Be as authentic in your life as you can. And as truthful as you can


Hawn explains her life as an actress, mother, and her road to happiness. The beauty of getting older is the surprise of what else you can do to make the world a better place with the wisdom that you’ve accrued over those years


Turner talks about how he expanded his family business and made it into a million dollar business. He also expresses how important treating other are and how that factors into his success. If you treat people with dignity, respect, and friendliness, you can turn enemies into friends and the enemy is nothing but a friend […]


Bon Jovi talks about his life as a rock star and the lessons he has learned along the way from business to charity work. Anytime that you think you’ve hit the top of the mountain, the truth of the matter is you’ve just reached another mountain, and it’s there to climb over again.


Brokaw expresses his love of journalism, the risks he has taken along the way and how being great is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to do something unconventional, to take a chance, to risk something


Fonda reminisces about her up bringing with famous parents and the lost of her mother. She focuses on how she over came her insecurities and became the woman she is today. Many decades it took me to learn to not be afraid of saying how I feel, and to allow my vulnerabilities to show — […]


Goldberg takes on the questions most people want to ask her from her childhood, relationships, sexual orientation to why she dresses the way she does. If you’re going to lie, make it interesting


Walters takes the journey of remembering her life as an up and coming journalist and young woman. She describes her most memorable interviews and people she has met along her way. She tells why she left The View and about her association with adoption. Along the way giving accounts of her fight for quality in […]


Keys speaks about her childhood in New York, her first time knowing what she wanted to do in life, and her first record deal. She expands into her adult life about her career, her love for her son and her husband. She contributes her success on always staying true to herself. He’s just bubbling over […]


Freeman educates the audience on  his struggles of being a black actor for the last few decades. Also how he stands on principle even when it’s not profitable. He turned down many roles due to inequality of the characters. If you’re not living on the edge then you’re taking up a little too much space


Timberlake expresses how he never fit in as a child and how he finds comfort in being different. I didn’t fit in so much with the Black kids because I was white, plain and simple. And I didn’t fit in so much with the white kids because I liked what was so-called ‘Black music,’ but […]


Jay-Z  discusses his life, the music business and lessons about both that he has learned along the way. He focuses on the difference between amazing vs. excellence. Also how to be comfortable with yourself. Belief in oneself and knowing who you are, I mean, that’s the foundation for everything great


Kevorkian appears on CNN to discuss his view points after being released from prison. The doctor and Sanjay Gupta meet at their alma mater,  the University of Michigan Medical School.   Recently, I had three former CEOs of companies — perfectly healthy — who called me up and told me they wish to die.


Angelou sits down and teaches about love, life and how to be great on Oprah Winfrey’s Masterclass series. If a human being dreams a great dream, dares to love somebody; if a human being dares to be Martin King, or Mahatma Gandhi, or Mother Theresa, or Malcolm X; if a human being dares to be […]