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Jericho is an American professional wrestler, writer, vocalist and actor currently signed to WWE and front-man of Fozzy. Jericho splits his time between the professions while also balancing a top rated Podcast.

26 Aug, 1996

WCW debut

Jericho makes first WCW appearance and defeates Alex Wright in single’s competition.

When I came to World Championship Wrestling, I came here to fight to the best of my ability.

22 Jun, 1996

Jericho – Pitbull 2 ECW TV title

Jericho defeats Pitbull 2 for the ECW television championship. This is Jericho’s first televised American wrestling championship.

ECW was the first time I really had a job nationally in the states and it was a real almost like cult atmosphere in the way that people treated it as fans and the way the wrestlers treated it just being part of the company. Everybody was really dedicated to it and they really gave 100 percent in their belief to the company and to their matches. It didn’t matter if there were 300 people there or 200 people there, the show was always quality and it was an almost Japanese style of wrestling in the fact that the matches were very hard hitting.


1 Jul, 1990

Begins wrestling training

Jericho begins professional wrestling training at the Hart Brothers School of Wrestling at the age of 19. Jericho meets best friend, Lance Storm at the school.

I went to train with the Hart brothers pro wrestling camp in Calgary, which was about 12 hours away from Winnipeg, where I grew up in Canada. That was Bret Hart’s father and that’s where a lot of the guys trained – Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman, a lot of guys like that.

9 Nov, 1970

Chris Jericho born in Manhasset, NY


Jericho is born in Manhasset, New York as the son of hockey legend, Ted Irvine of New York Rangers fame. Jericho would be raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His interest in wrestling an music begin at a young age.

When I was a kid, I started playing in bands when I was 12. I had two dreams and I was able to pursue both of them. That is a pretty rare thing. I don’t take it for granted. Some people go, ‘You can’t do both.’ I say, ‘Yes, I can. Watch me.’ I’ve been nothing but a wrestling fan and a music fan since I was a young kid. I just couldn’t decide which one of them I wanted to do. So I said, ‘I’ll do them both.’

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