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Conan is an American late-night talk show hosted by Conan O’Brien. Co-hosted by Andy Richter, the hour-long show airs Monday through Thursday on cable network, TBS. It premiered in November, 2010 and has won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media.

3 Oct, 2014

Camilla Luddington interview


Luddington returns as a guest on Conan to talk about her overly critical father, her horrific film audition, and the poor British reception of her Lifetime movie, William and Kate.

We don’t have Lifetime in England, so they don’t understand that Lifetime movies are cheesy and a guilty pleasure. In England, I was screwed with the reviews before it came out and they were like “What?” – including my family.

Camilla Luddington Loved "William And Kate" – CONAN on TBS

2 Oct, 2014

Jerrod Carmichael interview

Carmichael appears as a guest on Conan to promote his latest HBO special, Love at the Store. He talks about his desire to be “brainwashed” by Apple’s advertising campaigns,  the unique lifestyle of a stand-up comic, and the importance of cocaine in a performer’s life.

There should be more cocaine in the entertainment industry, right? You want your favorite performer on cocaine. It’s a amazing. It’s like steroids and cool, cocaine is cool, whatever helps you perform. I don’t do cocaine yet, but I’m just getting started, you know. I don’t want to go to a Keith Richards show and he is not on coke, that’s boring. I want him running around like fully coked out.

Jerrod Carmichael Loves Apple Brainwashing – CONAN on TBS

26 Sep, 2014

Chelsea Peretti interview


Peretti appears on the guest on Conan to promote her television show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She also talks about her childhood crush on co-star Andy Samberg, and encountering sweet but very critical old ladies who have watched her show.

Life has changed completely. It’s a crazy whirlwind. I was on a flight and there was a sweet old lady in front of me and she turned around her whole head, craning around. She turned around to me and she was so sweet and she was like, “You’re that girl!” And I was like, “Yeah, probably”, you know, and she was like “I hate your show!”

Chelsea Peretti's Childhood Crush On Andy Samberg – CONAN on TBS

Bill Hader interview


Hader returns as a guest on Conan to promote his latest movie, Skeleton Twins. He also impersonates some of his former SNL castmates, creates an Arnold Schwarzenegger baby character, and talks about his recent peanut allergic reaction.

This happened a couple of times to me but not in New York, and in the New York E.R. guy was like, he was a doctor. And he goes “Has this happened to you before?” And I go “Yeah.” And he goes “Do you have an epipen?” I go “No.” He goes “You’re a f-ing idiot.”

Bill Hader's SNL Cast Impressions – CONAN on TBS

25 Sep, 2014

Dhani Harrison interview


Harrison appears as a guest on Conan to talk about his father’s week-long tribute on the show. He shares the process of putting together the event, and using O’Brien’s name to get out of a traffic violation.

I discussed with the police officer, he didn’t know, I didn’t have my I.D., I’m like if you need proof of who I am, I’ll be on Conan on Wednesday. We’re doing this George Harrison week and my name is Harrison, nice to meet you. Sorry. I didn’t make any mistakes driving, I was just driving. He walked off and came back and goes, “Well, I’m a huge Conan O’Brien fan. And you guys, you know, go along on your business.”

Luke Wilson interview


Wilson appears as a guest on Conan to promote his latest film, Skeleton Twins. He also talks about working with Bob Dylan and Jeff Bridges, getting infatuated with his female movie co-stars, and growing up with older brothers.

It wasn’t like — you know, like the American Indian where wisdom is passed down through the ages. Like, it was like a great deal of misinformation. Like never — don’t ever let them know if you like them. Just, whatever you do, just be cool. Don’t laugh at their jokes. Don’t with kind. Whatever you do, don’t be kind.

Luke Wilson Always Falls In Love With His Costars – CONAN on TBS

24 Sep, 2014

Ike Barinholtz interview


Barinholtz returns as a guest on Conan and talks about football, Matthew McConaughey’s Superbowl ad, and the differences between Cubs and Sox fans in Chicago.

My theory is that he did not know that it was a commercial. He was driving around with his buddies and he just said those words. He’s driving with his friends and he’s like, “Life’s a road and you got to drive it.” His friends took out an iPhone and just started filming.

Ike Barinholtz's Prank On Matthew McConaughey – CONAN on TBS

Kirsten Dunst interview


Kirsten Dunst returns as a guest on Conan to promote her latest film, The Two Faces of January. She also talks about wanting to star in an Adam Sandler movie, wearing delicate vintage costumes in films, and being disgusted by her first kiss with Brad Pitt.

Although I thought it was disgusting. I was 11. It would have been weird if I was like, this is amazing, I’m kissing Brad Pitt. Then people would think I was a little bit off.

Kirsten Dunst's First Kiss Was Brad Pitt – CONAN on TBS

Zooey Deschanel interview


Deschanel returns as a guest on Conan and talks about having Prince on the set of New Girl and his prowess in almost everything he does. O’Brien also shows her a montage of various male celebrities with her eyes Photoshopped on their faces.

He’s good at everything. Crazy. It’s amazing at basketball and very athletic. He cooks things. I don’t know.

Zooey Deschanel's Eyes On Male Celebs Is Mesmerizing – CONAN on TBS

Breckin Meyer interview


Meyer returns as a guest on Conan and talks about his show, Franklin & Dash. He tells O’Brien how he had to punch Mike Tyson on the show, as well as his teenage years sleeping in a homemade coffin.

Here’s the thing, my dad who named me Breckin was always looking for projects for us to do and I said I want to get a coffin. And he’s like I won’t let you buy a coffin. That’s a good parent. But we can build one. And by the way, I’m not kidding. My dad, he could raise a barn. It was nice.

Breckin Meyer Had Sex In A Coffin – CONAN on TBS

Paul Simon interview


Simon appears as a guest on Conan to celebrate the show’s week-long tribute to George Harrison. He talks about his friendship with Harrison, performing with him on Saturday Night Live in 1976, Harrison’s love of ukuleles, and messing with Ringo Starr.

He was an extraordinary guy, as everybody — everybody knows that. Amazing person, not just as a musician, but really very, very open, kind, not — you know, just a certain percentage of him Beatles, and the rest just regular, interested in life, interested in the world, interested in the mind. Really a pleasure to hang out with him.

Paul Simon's Memories Of George Harrison – CONAN on TBS

19 Sep, 2014

Hank Azaria interview


Azaria appears as a guest on Conan to promote his television series, Ray Donovan. He also talks about working on sex scenes on the show, dealing with people who request for his Simpsons voices, and being mistaken for “Frank Azaria” despite his fame.

It happens in New York mostly, once a week. Maybe every two weeks if I’m lucky. A lot of people on the streets of New York, hey, Frank, how are you doing? I don’t know. Do these people also answer the phone, “Frello?”

Hank Azaria As Chief Wiggum Sings "Let It Go" – CONAN on TBS

16 Sep, 2014

Nasim Pedrad interview


Pedrad appears on Conan as a guest and talks about her famous Kim Kardashian impression on Saturday Night Live, her unaired Aziz Ansari impression skit and her strong childhood crush on O’Brien.

I had a debilitating crush on you in high school. I was unreasonable, though. I was very young, but I had this very intense romantic feelings for you. I had like a “vision board” in my bedroom. You know what that is? It’s like pictures of things you like and/or want, and mine was Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Claire Danes, Destiny’s Child and then you.

The Unaired SNL Sketch: Nasim Pedrad As Aziz Ansari – CONAN on TBS

Timothy Olyphant interview


Olyphant returns as a guest on Conan wearing a tennis shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. He talks about his upcoming movie, This is Where I Leave You and his technique to not feeling intimidated acting around big celebrities.

This is my trick. They don’t teach this in Kung Fu. I came up with this on my own. You just come up with the least intimidating — whatever they got on their resume. And you just hold that and then it seems like such a big deal when you’re working opposite them. Bateman is amazing and all of these things but if I just say oh, yeah, from Mr. Belvedere. Yeah. I really enjoyed that show.

Timothy Olyphant's Casual Heat Wave Wardrobe – CONAN on TBS

Nick Griffin stand-up

Griffin delivers a stand-up comedy performance on Conan. His routine talks about depression, ways to get excited in his forties and comparing yourself with Brad Pitt.

Think about Brad Pitt. Imagine that. Brad Pitt—great-looking, rich, famous, Oscar, sleeping with Angelina Jolie. Holy-moley. What did this guy do, pull a thorn out of God’s paw? Are his parents leprechauns?

Nick Griffin Stand-Up 09/16/14 – CONAN on TBS

11 Sep, 2014

Leslie Bibb interview


Bibb appears as a guest on Conan to promote her latest movie, No Good Deed. She also tells O’Brien about her experience at the Burning Man Festival and her dislike for scary movies.

When I was I think like 4 or 5 maybe, my sister Bev told my mom let’s go see this family movie, Amityville Horror. So my mother took me and my two sisters to see Amityville Horror. I was sitting in the second row on this side and all I remember is blue gunk coming out. I didn’t sleep in my bed for a year. For a year!

Leslie Bibb On Burning Man

John Hodgman interview


Hodgman appears as a guest on Conan and talks about his various topics including his former belief in the Mayan apocalypse and his recent discovery of marijuana and electronic inhalers. He also shares his experience being a traffic counter as a college student and explains why he throws his socks at the audience during his stand-up comedy set.

I take my shoes off and then I throw my socks into the audience, and people say, is that to be more comfortable? I don’t know. I don’t care about my comfort. All I care is that you people are uncomfortable. I find it’s better to perform for an audience that is profoundly disturbed. Now that I’m doing stand-up comedy, I want to establish dominance and I also want to spread my D.N.A. as far as possible.

John Hodgman Is Experimenting With Weed

Adam DeVine third interview


DeVine returns as a guest on Conan to promote his latest film The Intern. He also talks about working with co-star Robert DeNiro and his unsuccessful attempts at making him laugh. He also shares his early experiences with marijuana and his rejected audition for Saturday Night Live.

De Niro is the only impression I can kind of do and you guys are like “you can’t.” Not very good at that. I auditioned and I didn’t really know you had to do impressions, even though that’s a thing you absolutely have to do. So I did jack Nicholson. I was like, “I’m jack Nicholson”. That was like my move.

Adam DeVine Can't Make Robert DeNiro Laugh

Jaime King interview


King guests on Conan to promote her new film, Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. She also tells O’Brien about choosing Uber over an ambulance to get to a hospital to possibly give birth.

I didn’t feel well and I called the doctor, and he’s like ‘Just go to the hospital and check it out’, so I took an Uber because I thought that an ambulance would be very dramatic.

Jaime King Took An Uber To Give Birth

19 Aug, 2014

Nathan Fielder interview


Fielder guests on Conan to talk about the renewal of his television show, Nathan For You. He talks about his popular marketing strategy called Dumb Starbucks and explains his subtly R-rated Instagram photos.

Unfortunately, I was trying to post a photo of the fans but there was a reflection in the sunglasses of my computer screen, I wasn’t aware of that when it posted, it was quite embarrassing. I mean, it’s an old man who is naked with an erect penis. On my computer screen. And you know, this is private stuff I’m looking at, whatever.

Nathan Fielder's Inadvertently Sexy Instagrams

Josh Groban interview


Groban guests on Conan to offer tips to O’Brien on singing at the Hollywood Bowl. He also talks about his awkward encounters with some of his fans, and shares a funny photo of himself that he posted on Twitter.

It’s the same as if I’m at a restaurant and somebody says, I — let me play your music. I lose my appetite. I’m so hyper critical that hearing myself makes me think, I should be doing — I should have done that differently.

Josh Groban's Awkwardly Sexy Fan Encounters

15 Aug, 2014

Kesha fourth interview


Kesha returns as a guest on Conan to promote her new network television show, Rising Star. She also shows her new “C” tattoo on her ankle, and talks about her speech restrictions on the show. She shares her love for cats and invites O’Brien to join her newly-founded cat cult.

They have a cat sanctuary. They have their own room. They have their own couches. We have huge balls of yarn — like I had them custom made for my cats. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m starting a cat cult. You can be in it and all you have to do is — you have to be a cat for me.

Kesha Is Starting A Cat Cult

14 Aug, 2014

Martin Lawrence interview


Lawrence guests on Conan to announce the production of Bad Boys 3. He also talks about his fitness regimen to stay young-looking and suggests a role that O’Brien could play in the movie.

I just talked to Jerry [Bruckheimer] yesterday. He said it’s real, they’re working on the script, getting closer. It all looks good. We want to cast you in it. You know what you could play? A crooked cop on crack.

Martin Lawrence Announces "Bad Boys 3"

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