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16 Jan, 2016


Mos Def is ordered to leave South Africa within 14 days. He has been living in Cape Town with his family since 2013 on an expired tourist visa. When the rapper tried to leave the country he presented a “world passport.” He has been banned from the country for five years, but has the right to appeal the decision. SA Dept of Home Affairs:

Further investigation into the matter revealed that Mr Smith’s wife, mother and four children had overstayed and were sojourning in the country illegally.

11 Aug, 2015

Canada takes refugees

Prime Minister Harper pledges Canada will take an additional 10,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria over the next four years if the Conservative government is re-elected in October. Canada has already settled roughly 20,000 Iraqi refugees and 2,500 Syrians. The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada website shows it finalized 19,900 refugee claims from all countries in 2014. Harper:

We must stop ISIS

10 Feb, 2014

Flees to Syria

Media report that Sharrouf was able to flee to Syria via Malaysia in January by skirting a travel ban placed on him. He boarded a flight at Sydney airport using his brother’s passport in place of his own, which was confiscated by authorities. New South Wales premier Barry O’Farrell:

I have to say I think that immigration and the federal police and customs have been doing a magnificent job. But I look to see what caused what appears to have been a fairly major breakdown.

12 Dec, 2012

Returns to U.S.

After weeks on the run and days in immigration detention, McAfee arrives in Miami, where he is staying at the Beacon Hotel. McAfee tells CNN he and his girlfriend were separated when immigration authorities expelled him from Guatemala.

I’m happy to be going home. I’ve been running through jungles and rivers and oceans and I think I need to rest for a while. And I’ve been in jail for seven days. I’m just going to hang in Miami for a while. I like Miami. There is a great sushi place there and I really like sushi.

McAfee returns to Miami

Feb 2010

Moves to Belize, sets up biotech company

McAfee moves to Belize to work at his company QuorumEx, working towards producing commercial all natural antibiotics based on anti-quorum sensing technology.

If bacteria were triggered when there was only a few hundred cells, the immune system would wipe them out, but when they have grown to a few trillion cells, the immune system cannot do that. So they have this huge intelligence and I was startled and amazed and intrigued by that. When I first read that quorum sensing was a technique used by these bacteria, I go, ‘Whoa!’…The advantage was, that part of world has an astonishingly high number of plants that use quorum sensing, that could be used to find QuorumX.

Jun 2009

Karpeles moves to Japan

Karpeles arrives in his Japan with his cat Tiban and some hard drives. Karpeles first visited Japan for a month in 2007, and posted a blog entry in Japanese saying he was a ‘geek’.

Karpeles Blog: I do computer-related work (a programmer); my goal is world domination.

Oct 2005

Moves to Israel

Karlpeles  moves to Israel, hoping to get closer to his Catholic faith while working for internet company Fotovista.  In a blog post he argues that Hebrew is as important to Christians as it is to religious Jews.  He only worked at this job for a few months before he once again began to feel depressed and “empty” according to one blog. In addition to his work at Fotovista he works on his own site, However, due to power outages and service disruptions he loses most of his customers and returns to France.


Moves to Japan

On the day his probation ends, Ver moves to Japan.

I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t hurt anybody. I had nothing but happy customers and the U.S. government locked me in a cage because of that. So I want nothing to do with those people. I don’t want to support them. I want them out of my life.


Teaches English in Tibet

Cumberbatch teaches English to Tibetan Buddhist monks at a monastery in a Nepali home near Darjeeling

They were amazingly warm, intelligent, humorous people. Hard to teach English to. I built a blackboard, which no other previous teachers seem to have done. With 12 monks in a room with an age-range of about 8 to 40, that’s quite important – and the reward-punishment thing of sweets or no sweets, or game or no game, worked quite well. But they taught me a lot more than I could possibly ever teach them. They taught me about the simplicity of human nature, but also the humanity of it, and the ridiculous sense of humour you need to live a full spiritual life.


Sent to South Africa, works with ANC

Highfield is sent to work in South Africa, where his is employed by the ANC shortly after it is pitched into crisis by the arrest of Winnie Mandela in relation to the death of activist Stompie Moeketsi Seipei. Amid allegations of financial irregularities, Highfield is asked to get the books in order. He employs Olive Mungadze, a Zimbabwean, who is the only female black chartered accountant in sub-Saharan Africa. During the project, Mungadze and Highfield go into a remote Afrikaaner diner in Transkei.

I had never known an entire restaurant stop eating and just turn round and stare at me, a suited white businessman, with Olive, a suited black woman. They just stared at us for the whole dinner. An utterly different world. It was only 1993.

7 Oct, 1989

Move to Japan

With little job opportunity in Scotland, Mark goes to Japan and initially works as an English teacher and an editor of financial reports before working as a Network Administrator for Jardine Fleming Securities.
After working while at University for Ford as a management trainee, Mary joins Andersen Consulting, where she is a Strategy Consultant. On arriving in Tokyo in 1990 she works as an IT Consultant for Union Bank of Switzerland.


Moves to Japan

Arrives in Japan on a working holiday visa. Soon after, with his wife, he establishes his first company, LINC Japan Ltd., to provide translation and copywriting services.


Immigrates to United States

Korbelova immigrates to the United States on the SS America, after a Soviet-sponsored Communist coup seizes power in Prague. Her father becomes the founding Dean of the School of International Relations at the University of Denver (where he later trains another female secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice).

Having been forced to flee my native Czechoslovakia two times – first from the Nazis and then from the Communists – I learned at a young age that human freedom is both immeasurably precious and inherently fragile.

1 Sep, 1939

Leaves Italy to escape Fascism

Erwitt’s family moves to the United States to get away both from fascist regime and Fascist racial laws that exclude all Jews from attending schools. His family leaves just two days before the outbreak of World War II.

Actually we left on September 1 and war was declared on the third. It was the last boat to leave.


Flees Nazis to England

Korbelova flees to England with her family after the Nazis occupy Czechoslovakia. Though Albright long believed they had fled for political reasons, she learned as an adult that her family was Jewish and that three of her grandparents had died in Nazi concentration camps.

And I think as a lot of people now know, and I didn’t know, but I was of Jewish background, so there is a pretty good chance that I might have died in a concentration camp if my parents had not been brave enough to bring us out of that. My parents had in fact made very clear to me that the suffering of other people, under great evil, was something that could not be tolerated.

I have always thought of myself as a Czechoslovak Catholic. My parents were of the generation who thought they were the children of a free Czechoslovakia, the only democracy in central Europe. This was their pride [and] that is what I grew up with.