Fathers child

TMZ reports that Brown is the father of a nine-month-old girl. The mother is close friend and former model by the name of Nia. Although they are not romantically involved, there is no report of a child support order. TMZ reports Brown is happy to be a father.

Minor car accident

The Kardashians are in a minor car accident. Kim, Khloe, Jenner and North West are in the car when a semi-truck throws snow onto the windows making it difficult for Khloe to see while driving. She loses control of the car for a few minutes, spins around and ends up in a ditch. No injuries are reported. Kim: Thank you God for watching […]

Says he can save her life

Gordon says if the hospital would allow him in to see Brown, he can save her life with his presence.  Despite begging to see Brown, Gordon is currently banned from the hospital room since there is an ongoing investigation to find out what happened to Brown. He has also been threatened by family members.

On drugs when found

A source says Brown was high on drugs the day she was found. The source says Brown is hooked on heroin, cocaine, and Xanax, and drinks a lot. Brown has been in and out of rehab for the past three years. She has been very distraught over her mother’s death, the source adds. How thin she had gotten […]

Boy catches 1,000 pound blue marlin

Kai Rizzuto, a 16-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York catches a 1,058 pound, 11-feet blue marlin off the Hawaii coast after a 30 minute struggle which left the fish dead. His grandfather, sports writer Jim Rizzuto: My reaction when it came out of the water was Holy Cow!

More than 23m NBC viewers

The SNL 40th anniversary special brings in more than 23 million viewers for the NBC network, the most watched show on primetime, besides the Super Bowl. It was the most watched show since the ER in 2004. For adults 18 to 49, the show scored the network’s best ratings (7.8 or 10 million viewers) since the Will & Grace finale in […]

Lesley Gore dies at 68

Gore dies at the age of 68 from cancer. Her partner of 33 years, Lois Sassoon: She was a wonderful human being—caring, giving, a great feminist. Great woman, great human being, great humanitarian.

Thundersnow excitement

Cantore gets excited when he sees Thundersnow lightning strike five times while he is reporting from Plymouth, Mass., during the New England blizzard. We got it baby! Listen to that! You gotta be kidding me! You can have your 500 million dollar jackpot…I’ll take this baby!

Regular acupuncture sessions

Since Perry suffers from chronic knee pain from all of the constant performing she does on stage, she has regular acupuncture sessions to help treat it. My knees are giving out on me now. I do acupuncture every two or three days…I tour with a stage that goes from the house to the back of the […]

Gay comment

Tomlinson is videotaped in a hotel in Australia in a fan video. There is some confusion between fans as to whether he is saying: I’m gay, it’s pretty unfortunate. or It’s pretty unfortunate.

30th anniversary theater release

A restored version of the movie, presented by Fathom Events, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, and BY Experience, will be shown theaters from March 26 to March 31. A DVD anniversary edition that features commentary from the cast members as well as film makers including Diablo Cody, Judd Nelson, and Molly Ringwald, will also be available March 10.

40th anniversary show

The show celebrates its 40th anniversary with musical guests,including Miley Cyrus, 50 Cent, ; comedians including Dan Aykroyd, Adam Sandler, Amy Poehler,; and celeebrities like Betty White, Emma Stone, Jim Carrey. Michaels: We waited to see who RSVPed, then we started thinking about what we could do with the people we knew were coming. We’re still working […]

Reunite for SNL 40th anniversary

NSync hints they may reunite with the boyband for the SNL 40th anniversary, airing Feb. 15 at seven p.m. on NBC. Justin Timberlake made an announcement about his involvement on the show earlier this week during an Instagram showing with an alum of the the show and the host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon. "Together […]

100 couples marry, renew vows

100 couples get married and renew their vows on Valentine’s Day on the 86th floor observation deck. The Building is an icon for love since it has been in many different romantic movies such as An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. Floyd Deas, who marries Ellen of Rockway Beach: This is beautiful. You can’t beat […]

Spend Valentine’s Day apart, again

President Obama and the First Lady spend Valentine’s Day apart for the second year in a row. President Obama spends his Valentines Day in Palm Springs playing golf with some high school buddies, as he did last year. Michelle Obama tweets a picture of the two kissing: Love is all you need. Happy Valentine’s Day Barak Mo

Declares Valentine’s Week

Baker declares the next seven days, ‘Valentine’s Week’ due to all of the snow the city is getting hit with now. Because there is so much snow falling, he says the next seven days is a time for love and cuddling since no one will be going anywhere because the roads are so bad. Boston […]

Knits sweaters for little penguins

Australia’s oldest man, who is 109 years old, knits sweaters for the Phillip Island Penguin Foundation. This foundation helps little penguins from New Zealand and Southern Australia with tiny sweaters to keep them from ingesting the oil that gets on their skin from oil spills. Date started the program when he moved into his retirement home […]

‘Not 100% sober’ during SOTU

Ginsburg admits she had drank too much wine before the 2015 State of the Union address. Although she vows to not drink any more wine with dinner: Dinner was so delicious, it needed wine! Ginsburg says she has a habit of falling asleep during these speeches because of not being 100 percent sober at the […]

Interview: ‘It’s a never ending struggle’

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Efron opens up about his struggle with alcohol and drugs before going to rehab in 2013. It’s a never ending struggle. I was drinking a lot, way too much. He also speaks out about the fight with a homeless man. The most terrifying moment in my life.

‘Neighbors’ co-stars actually like each other

Although Efron says he already idolizes Seth Rogen, Rogen says he is surprised he likes his ‘Neighbors’ co-star, Efron. I was expecting to not like him very much when I first met him. The first time I met him I assumed he was a little f-er but that was eight years ago. I was proven […]

Release duet

Less than one week after they both get arrested on a domestic charge, Simon and wife release a new love duet together. Brickell posts the song, ‘Like to get to know you’ on her Soundcloud page. The lyrics go like this: You see my face every night, every day but I swear you don’t see […]

Will always keep ‘Finn’ necklace

In her new book, ‘Brunette Ambition,’ Michele writes about ‘Rachel’s’ ‘Finn’ necklace from the musical, ‘Glee.’ She writes, “I will always keep Rachel’s Finn necklace from Glee.” She also talks about her favorite Red Carpet outfit she wore especially for Cory Monteith, ‘Finn’ to see. She says: I wore a Pucci dress to the Chrysalis […]

Reps: Rivera not fired

Reps for Rivera say she has not been fired.  Earlier reports had said Rivera had a fight with Lea Michele and the producers, but the fight was only between Rivera and the producers of the show. Reps say: Any reports or rumors circulating that Naya Rivera was let go or fired from ‘Glee’ are absolutely untrue. End of story.

Daughter talks life lessons

Rosa Hoskins mourns her father by writing on her website about the life lessons he has taught her. She wrote on her website that he always said,: There’s humor to be found everywhere, even your darkest days there’s something to have a joke about. Laugh long and loud and make other people laugh. It’s good […]

Dropped by Columbia Records

Rivera is dropped by Columbia Records after only releasing one single,  ‘Sorry’. The single did not make it to the hot 100 on the music charts and it has only been downloaded 34,000 times to date. Rivera, the very first ‘Glee’ star to be picked up by the record company, signed with Columbia in 2011 and had […]

Joins the Cast of ‘Better Call Saul’

Michael McKean, the star of ‘The Spinal Tap’ will join the cast of  ‘Better Call Saul’ in November, playing a character called ‘Dr. Thurber’ on the prequel to the hit series, ‘Breaking Bad.’ The new series premiers in November. So far only three cast members are confirmed. The other two along with McKean are Jonathon Banks and […]

Contract not renewed for Season 6

Rivera will not be returning to the new Glee season. Reps for Glee say she and Lea Michele did not get along well behind the scenes. She has been fired from the musical for good. Insiders say, “Naya is jealous that Lea is the show’s main star. They talk behind each other’s backs – a lot. However, […]

‘Like a Rolling Stone’ lyrics to be auctioned

Dylan’s handwritten draft of ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ will be up for auction for $1 million to $2 million this summer. This song, about a young girl who goes off by herself once she has been cast out of her upper class social circles, is one of Dylan’s most famous compositions.  The draft is in pencil […]

Announces first book

Michelle announces she will release her first book on May 13.  The book is titled, ‘Brunette Ambition’ and is a biography. She calls it a how-to, a guidebook, and a biography all wrapped into one. There wasn’t a guidebook when I was growing up that detailed everything I need to do, and know, to get where I […]

Dies at 71

Hoskins dies at age 71. Hoskins was being treated for pneumonia but died in the hospital. A spokeswoman for the family announced his death but no other details were given. Surviving Hoskins are his wife and four children; two children by his first wife, Jane Livesy, and two children by his current wife, the former Linda Banwell.

Told to leave Vegas casino for counting cards

While on a romantic trip with Jennifer Garner to Las Vegas before going to Detroit to film Affleck’s new role as Batman, Affleck is swarmed by security guards while playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino. Casino representatives tell Affleck to leave because they believe he is using a kind of card counting called ‘perfect basic.’

Clooney, Alamuddin engaged

People magazine reports Clooney’s engagement to Alamuddin, an Oxford graduate and British lawyer who shares the same passion as Clooney for campaigning for international human rights. After visiting her parents in Dubai in March, Clooney gets down on one knee to propose. Clooney presents Alamuddin with a 7-carat emerald cut diamond, ethically mined. The ring also […]

Simon, wife, arrested

Simon and wife, Edie Brickell get into an argument. Simon calls 911 but hangs up before the dispatcher can answer. However, this makes police go to the house. According to the police, Brickell smells of alcohol and has a bruise on her wrist while Simon has a cut on his ear. Both are arrested for disorderly conduct.

Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha born

Washington gives birth to Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha. According to reports, Washington hides the birth of her new baby from the media. The baby’s middle name, Amarachi means ‘God’s Grace’ or ‘Grace of God’ in the language of the Igbo people from Southeastern Nigeria.

Vanity Fair interview: ‘Won’t Marry Again’

In an interview with Vanity Fair Clooney says  he would never get married again, referencing his failed marriage to with actress Talia Balsam: I probably-definitely-wasn’t someone who should have been married at that point.  I just don’t feel like I gave Talia a fair shot. I was responsible for the failure of that marriage.