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10 Jul, 2016

Hosts UFC 200 after party

McGregor and Devlin host a UFC 200 after-party at Intrigue Nightclub in Las Vegas, with hundreds of fans in attendance. McGregor is surprised with an early birthday present – a huge three-tier cake adorned with a crown and Octagon fence.

5 Mar, 2015

To host HeForShe event

Watson announces hosting a live HeForShe event on gender equality in London.

Sunday the 8th march it’s International Women’s Day. It’s very exciting and I hope that you will also be excited because I am going to be conducting a live Q&A in London answering your questions about gender equality.

Emma Watson announces she's hosting equality event in London

5 Aug, 2014

Hosts ACM Honors

Bob Romeo, CEO of the Academy of Country Music awards, says that Owen will make the perfect host for the 8th annual ACM Honors ceremony which honors the off-camera winners of the ACM Awards. The event will be held September 9th at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

I couldn’t be more proud to host the ACM Honors. I’m blessed to be a part of country music, and to join in recognizing these incredible artists, musicians and industry executives is a true honor.

13 Apr, 2014

Hosts MTV Movie Awards

O’Brien hosts the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, which is held at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre. The event features a pre-recorded bit that includes a record-breaking 50 cameos by such celebrities as Sir Anthony Hopkins, Willie Nelson, and Martin Scorsese, among others. The awards show includes presenters like Lupita Nyong’o, Johnny Depp, and Cameron Diaz, as well as performances by the host, Eminem, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding. On the hosting gig:

There’s only one award, one award in the world that truly matters. I’m talking, of course, about the MTV movie award. Ah, the golden popcorn. Isn’t she beautiful? Well, I am proud to announce that I, Conan O’Brien, will realize my lifelong dream of hosting the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. I’m humbled, I’m honored, and as of late this morning, I’m contractually obligated.

Conan O'Brien's Opening at 2014 MTV Movie Awards: Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Cameos, Vine Highlights!

5 Apr, 2014

Hosts SNL with Pharrell Williams

Kendrick hosts Saturday Night Live, with Williams as a musical guest. Williams performs Happy and Marilyn Monroe, and Kendrick participates in sketches are performed throughout the night. Kendrick on pre-show jitters:

I’m so scared. All my friends have been really really nice about it. But a lot of my friends have been trying to suggest skits that aren’t around anymore.

SNL Promo: Anna Kendrick and Pharrell Williams

5 Oct, 2013

Hosts Saturday Night Live

Cyrus hosts Saturday Night Live and also serves as the musical guest. Cyrus’ opening monologue jokes about Cryus’ transformation from Disney Channel sweetheart Hannah Montana character to the rock-n-roll pop star she is now. Later skits feature parodies of her single We Can’t Stop. SNL cast members play along with the Cyrus’ parodies with Vanessa Bayer playing a young Miley Cyrus and Bobby Moynihan swinging naked from a wrecking ball.

VMAs Backstage Cold Open - Saturday Night Live

3 Jun, 2012

Hosts MTV Movie Awards

Brand hosts the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. His opening monologue includes a dig at his divorce from Katy Perry, as well as comments on Justin Bieber’s attack on the paparazzi and Michael Fassbender’s role in the film, Shame. The event features presenters such as Adam Sandler, Christian Bale, and Jodie Foster, and performances by fun.,Wiz Khalifa, and The Black Keys.

The last time I did an MTV awards show, I did end up marrying someone that was there. So tonight I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for my next wife!

Brand slams Sheen, Travolta

11 Feb, 2012

Hosts Saturday Night Live

Deschanel hosts  Saturday Night Live. She acts in several sketches including one entitled, Bein’ Quirky With Zooey Deschanel, in which she plays Mary-Kate Olsen and cast members Abby Elliot and Taran Killam play Deschanel and Michael Cera, respectively. The episode also features musical guest, pop duo Karmin.

Zooey Deschanel Monologue - Saturday Night Live

21 Nov, 2009

Hosts ‘SNL’

Cameo/Guest AppearanceTV Appearance

Gordon-Levitt hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time. His opening monologue includes a musical number to the Donald O’Connor tune, Make ‘Em Laugh, with the help of SNL cast member, Bobby Moynihan. He also plays singer Jason Mraz in the sketch, The Mellow Show and European electro-pop singer Klaus Future in the sketch, What’s Up with That? The episode also features former US Vice President Al Gore and musical guest Dave Matthews Band.

The Mellow Show - Saturday Night Live

1 Jun, 2009

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

O’Brien debuts as host of NBC’s Tonight Show franchise. The inaugural episode’s cold open features the host running across the country from New York to Los Angeles to make it in time for his monologue. Filmed sketches include one where he drives his old Ford Taurus around the city and earns the envy of everyone. Andy Richter returns as both his sidekick and announcer. Will Ferrell appears as the show’s first guest, and is followed by a musical performance by Pearl Jam.

Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien - '92 Ford Taurus SHO

7 Sep, 2008

Hosts MTV Video Music Awards

Brand hosts the MTV Video Music Awards for the first time. His controversial chatter includes a jibe at US President George W. Bush as being “retarded” and mocking the Jonas Brothers for wearing purity rings as symbols of their promise to save sex until marriage. The event is held at the Paramount Pictures Studios and features performances by Christina Aguilera, Lil Wayne, and Rihanna among others. His monologue contains unsolicited election advice to the audience:

Please, America, elect Barack Obama. On behalf of the world.

Britney Spears et Russell Brand MTV Video Music Awards 2008

27 Aug, 2006

Hosts Emmy Awards for the second time

O’Brien hosts the 58th Primetime Emmy Awards for a second time. Held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, the show opens with a sketch featuring the host in various TV show situations such as Lost, The Office, 24, and South Park, among others. He also performs a song and dance number about NBC’s dipping ratings to the tune of The Music Man’s song Ya Got Trouble. On the biggest challenge of hosting the Emmys:

To find a way to make it fun. If you do the preparation and you get some good ideas, it’s fun. When I’m having a good time, people say “that was really good.” And that’s key for me. When I’m not having a good time it’s just not as good, it’s not terrible but… That’s the goal for me, to remember that hosting an award show should be fun.

Emmy 2006 - Conan O'Brien Opener

13 Sep, 1993

Late Night with Conan O’Brien

TV Appearance

O’Brien debuts his first major television show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The show’s cold open features the host being compared to his predecessor, David Letterman, right before he goes on stage. The episode consists of an opening monologue, comedy bits with sidekick Andy Richter, and appearances by guests John Goodman, Drew Barrymore, and Tony Randall.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien "First Show" Part-1 (9/13/93)

Jan 1993

Talk radio host, guest

Houser guest hosts one day per week for more than 60 episodes on Calvin Floyd’s RISE AND SHINE WLTZ NBC 38. Houser:

Invited political controversy on every one of them, and loved every minute of it.


He was on from time to time because he was a very radical person with radical views. He was a Republican and then I would have someone with a real strong Democrat view on.

He is also a 13-time guest of Doug Kellet on WRCG talk radio.