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15 Jul, 2015

Accepts ESPYS’ Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Jenner accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYS, in talks about support for transgendered youth:

Real truth is before few months ago, I’ve never met anyone else who was trans. Never. As you saw, I dealt with my situation on my own, in private. But all across the world, there are young people coming to terms with being transgender. They’re trying to figure out how to handle that. They’re getting bullied. They’re getting murdered. And they’re committing suicide. This is the reality of what it’s like being trans today…My plea for you tonight is to join me in making this one of your issues as well. How do we start? Start with education. Learn as much as you can about another person. I know the people in this room have respect for hard work. I trained hard. I competed hard. And for that, people respected me. But this transition has been harder for me than anything I could have imagined. Trans people deserve something vital. They deserve your respect.

It is an honor to have the word courage associated with my life. Another word I have is fortunate. I owe a lot to sports. It has given me an identity. If someone wanted to bully me [back then], it didn’t matter because I was the MVP. Same thing goes tonight. If you want to call me names, make jokes, doubt my intentions, go ahead, I can take it. But for the thousands of kids out there coming to terms with being true to who they are, they shouldn’t have to take it. So for the people wondering what this is all about — courage, controversy, publicity, it’s about what happens from here… its not just about one person. It’s about thousands. Not just me, all of us. Accepting one another. We’re all different and that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing. While it may not be easy to get past, it is possible if we do it together. Thank you so much for this honor, bestowed on myself and my family.

11 Jul, 2015

Trinity College award

Morrissey is offered a Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage of Trinity College’s Philosophical Society for his outstanding contribution to music:

My initial reaction is to feel undeserving … my contribution to music being such that no record label on the planet has either the nerve or the imagination to sign me!

4 Jul, 2015

Silver Clef award

Rita Ora receives the award for Best Female at the Silver Clef awards in London.

I’m extremely grateful. I’m not the hero here. I never was.It’s all about what this charity has done for so many years…I’m very lucky and really proud of what we achieve as females, and what music does for people.

Rita Ora on winning 'Best Female' at Silver Clef Awads

3 Jul, 2015

Longest non-stop solo flight record

Bertrand Piccard, left, holds up the arm of pilot Andre Borschberg after Borschberg landed the Solar Impulse 2 at the Kalaeloa Airport in Kapolei, Hawaii, Friday, July 3, 2015. A plane powered by the sun's rays landed in Hawaii after a record-breaking five-day journey across the Pacific Ocean from Japan. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia).The Solar Impulse 2 lands in Hawaii after breaking the record for world’s longest nonstop solo flight, a five-day, 118 hr solar-powered journey across the Pacific Ocean from Nagoya, Japan to Kalaeloa. Steve Fossett set the previous record of 76 hours when he flew a specially-designed jet around the globe in 2006. Borschberg:

Nobody now can say that renewable energies cannot do the impossible. You don’t know if it’s feasible. You don’t know if it’s possible. You don’t know if you are going to lose the airplane.

25 Jun, 2015

Number one draft pick

The Timberwolves draft Kentucky freshman center Towns as the No. 1 pick of the 2015 NBA draft.

When Mr. Adam Silver came out, I saw him, and he said, ‘with the No. 1 pick’, I was racing, I told Coach Cal before when he first came out that I was trying to drink the water and I was shaking uncontrollably, and I told him, ‘Coach, don’t give me the ball right now for the last-second shot. I wouldn’t make it.’


18 Jun, 2015

Wins Asia’s Next Top Model

Gani wins the Asia’s Next Top Model competition, beating Marlene Monika Sta Maria from the Philippines and Aimee Rose Cheng-Bradshaw from Singapore in the final round. The judges favor Gani for her performance in a photo shoot and runway walk wearing haute couture dresses.

I feel so proud, naturally, to be the first Indonesian winner, and I hope Indonesia will win again.

19 May, 2015

Wins The Voice

Fredericks wins season eight of The Voice. He is coached by Williams.

I just thought, ‘This is going to be a good learning experience.’ I’d never done any kind of audition thing before. So that’s kind of how I went into it, just seeing where it takes me…It was definitely a really big culture shock for me, moving from a farm to the city. Since I’m quite a bit of an introvert, it’s really hard for me to do interviews and that kind of stuff. The performing was really easy for me, just because I’ve always been performing; I do a lot of farmers’ markets and gigs like that. So that was the part where I was the least nervous, when I was up onstage singing. I was more nervous in the interviews, although I’m not as nervous now. I’m definitely getting more comfortable with all this stuff. I’ve come out of my shell through this whole entire experience.

On his plans for the future:

I would not move to L.A.; I love my home back on the farm. I would visit L.A., but it would never be my home. I can take trips and stay in hotels for a while, but I always want to have a farm to come back to.

EXCLUSIVE backstage! Sawyer Fredericks Wins!!! Voice Finale Team Pharrell

16 May, 2015

Angel of Peace medal

pope with PA leaderThe Pope presents presents Abbas with a medallion with the angel of peace on it, and praises his efforts at establishing a Palestinian State peacefully.

This gift is appropriate since you are an angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.

6 May, 2015

Receives CBE

Syal receives her CBE at a ceremony at London’s Buckingham Palace.

I feel a bit stunned actually. You beaver away in the creative arts – it’s so hit and miss – you go from one job to another, every job is different and you hope the work you do is reaching people.

4 May, 2015

Wins NBA MVP Award

Curry wins the NBA’s MVP award, receiving 100 out of 130 first-place votes for a total of 1,198 points.

There were obviously good times and bad times. Times I wanted to shut it down. It just made me feel like how blessed and thankful I am to be in this position.

For the season, Curry posts an average of 23.8 points, 7.7 assists, 4.3 rebounds, and two steals per game, including shooting percentages of 48.7% from the floor and 44.3% from three-point range.

27 Apr, 2015

Named FHM’s Sexiest Woman

FHM names Keggan the Sexiest Woman in the world for the year 2015. Editor Joe Barnes:

Many congratulations to Michelle on her very worthy win. This year’s 100 Sexiest poll was more keenly contested than ever – we had over a million votes, which was truly incredible. And for me, and the FHM team, it’s great to see a hugely talented UK actress take the top spot.

Named 2015’s Hottest Hunk

Heat magazine names Dornan as 2015’s Hottest Hunk. Editor-in-chief Lucie Cave:

So many hot men, so little time. That’s why we asked the readers of heat magazine to name and rate the 100 hottest men alive. They’ve done us proud – and now we can all drool over the sexiest men in the world, all in one place.

25 Apr, 2015

Hero Award

Lopez receives Hero Award at Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles for her philanthropic work.

I would like to dedicate this award to the heroes that make the Boy & Girls club a reality. It’s an amazing organization.

Jennifer Lopez Hero Award – 2015 RDMA

22 Apr, 2015

Named World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Bullock is named World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2015 by People magazine.

Real beauty is quiet. Especially in this town, it’s just so hard not to say, Oh, I need to look like that, No, be a good person, be a good mom, do a good job with the lunch, let someone cut in front of you who looks like they’re in a bigger hurry. The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren’t trying.

20 Apr, 2015

Climbs North Korea’s highest peak

Kim claims to have climbed North Korea’s Mt. Paektu in time to watch the sunrise with a group of fighter pilots accompanying him. Mt. Paektu is the country’s highest peak at 9,022 feet.

When one climbs snow stormy Mt. Paektu and undergoes the blizzards over it, one can experiences its real spirit and harden the resolution to accomplish the Korean revolution.

19 Apr, 2015

Time 100 Most Influential list

Time names Watson in its 100 list of top influencers primarily for her #HeForShe campaign. Watson’s international campaign calls for gender equality, even inviting men to give their support. Other actors on the list include Bradley Cooper and Julianne Moore. The magazine:

Her HeForShe speech at Davos was an Internet sensation, but unsurprisingly, it drew the typical antifeminist rants and even some threats. Watson chose to highlight the moving letters she has received from fathers who tell her they are investing new hope in the future for their daughters. But she was also frank about the bullying tactics of her detractors and one site that made an empty threat to release nude photos. Her confident and cool reaction: ‘If they were trying to put me off, they did the opposite.’

2015 ACM Milestone award

Finlay presents her daughter with the Academy of Country Music’s 2015 Milestone award:

For many years, I was her constant companion. And I witnessed a young girl with very few friends become one with many, learning to stand up for herself and the things she believes in. Being brave enough to explore her musical curiosity, having a voice against those who hate, and giving of herself to those in need. I am a very proud mom. I want to thank the entire music community for taking such good care of her. And to the fans: I know you love her as I love her. And for that, I thank you eternally.

1 Apr, 2015


Ad Appearance

Cumberbatch is chosen by poll over David Tennant, Idris Elba, Sean Bean and Damian Lewis to be made into life-size chocolate statue. A team of eight sculptors worked on the piece, which contains the equivalent of 500 bars of chocolate. Sculptor:

The striking thing about Benedict is that he’s got quite a thin face but he’s got a large head. So trying to get that look right is quite tricky.

BENEDICT CHOCOBATCH | Benedict Cumberbatch gets chocolate makeover!

31 Mar, 2015

Wins Latino Leadership Award

The University of Texas awards Bush with the first ever Latino Leadership Award. The chairwoman of the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies:

In our diverse Latino Texas, there are very few individuals who have the résumé and record of excellence as Commissioner Bush. His life-long commitment to service as a teacher, veteran, UT alumnus and land commissioner makes him an exemplar of why transformative leadership is valued and necessary.


I am honored and humbled to be the first recipient of the University of Texas Latino Leadership Award. As Texas Land Commissioner and a graduate of the University of Texas, I am proud CMAS is facilitating historical understanding and creating a legacy of cultural respect that should make all Longhorn students proud.

29 Mar, 2015

Kid’s Choice Favorite Villain Award

Jolie, attending the 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards show with children Shiloh and Zahara, accepts the favorite villain award for her role as Maleficent.

When I was little, like Maleficent, I was told that I was different. And I felt out of place — too loud, too full of fire, never good at sitting still, never good at fitting in. And then one day I realized something, something that I hope you all realize: Different is good. And, as your villain, I would also say cause a little trouble — it’s good for you.

27 Mar, 2015

Tops Greatest Female Leaders list

On Fortune‘s second annual list of the world’s greatest leaders, Swift comes in as the top female leader and sixth overall, just two spots behind Pope Francis. Fortune credits her ability to develop a strong social-media brand and her influence on the music industry.

. . .she has proved shrewder at honing a brand in the social media age than virtually any other person or company. And she’s done it without resorting to dumbed-down salacious gimmickry…Swift’s efforts to ensure she gets paid for her music could have a huge ripple effect on the way artists are compensated in an era of free streaming.

Constitutional Champion award

Paul wins the Constitutional Champion award given out by The Constitution Project, a bipartisan legal watchdog group. Group’s president:

Sen. Paul has been a vocal critic of NSA spying. He introduced legislation declaring that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution shall not be construed to allow any U.S. government agency to search the phone records of Americans without a warrant based on probable cause, and has made it clear that he will vote against any extension of the Patriot Act provisions expiring in June.

26 Mar, 2015

Named most outstanding woman

AskMen places Watson on top of their list of 99 most outstanding women. Publisher Bassil :

Emma Watson is so many incredible things at once — rich, successful, famous, stylish, beautiful, intelligent, personable, kind. And yet, rather than be content with a life of luxury, she’s thrown her back into a serious social issue in an effort to shift the way our society treats women.

23 Mar, 2015

Wins MVP; leads team to third title

Wins Sport Event

Marbury is named the finals MVP after leading the Ducks to their second straight CBA championship–their third title overall since Marbury joined the team four years ago. During the finals, Marbury averaged 29.7 points, 4.8 rebounds, 5.7 assists, and two steals.

This year, a lot of people criticized me, saying I was old, that I couldn’t play anymore. But I turned all that into fuel…When we won the first championship, people said we couldn’t get another. After the second, people said you guys can’t repeat. Establishing a dynasty has always been my goal and my motivation.

21 Mar, 2015

GLAAD Vanguard Award

Washington receives the Vanguard Award for supporting the LGBT community at the 26th edition of the GLAAD Media Awards.

We need more diverse LGBT representation (in the media). And this is big — we need more employment of LGBT people, in front of and behind the camera…We can’t say that we believe in each others fundamental humanity and then turn a blind eye to the reality of each others existence and the truth of each others hearts.

Kerry Washington accepts the Vanguard Award at the #glaadawards

15 Mar, 2015

Wins Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2015

Wurtzbach is the crowned winner of Binibining Pilipinas -- Universe 2015. It is the third time that she joined the pageant, winning first runner-up in 2013 and landing in the Top 15 in 2014. She represents Cagayan de Oro City and bested other 33 contestants during the Bb Pilipinas Grand Coronation Night at the Smart Araneta, Quezon City. Her answer to the question about internet censorship during the Q&A portion of the pageant:

We should be careful with what we post online. Always think before you click.

Pia Wurtzbach wins Miss Universe PH crown

23 Feb, 2015

Passes Allen Iverson score

After scoring 18 points against the Knicks, James passes Allen Iverson on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. James is currently No. 22 on that list.

It’s very, very humbling, and it’s an honor to just be named with some of the greats that I watched growing up. And now to know that I passed Allen Iverson on the all-time scoring list, for someone that’s not much of a scorer — as you guys have deemed me — it is pretty cool…It just means that my teammates have allowed me to do things to help them win ballgames, and I’ve been fortunate enough to go out and bless the game the best way I know how and just play hard.

LeBron James Passes Allen Iverson on All-Time Scoring List

19 Feb, 2015

Named worst band

The band picks up the trophy for Worst Band at the 2015 NME Awards in London, an honour previously held by The 1975 and One Direction. Clifford:

4 Feb, 2015

Sony ‘Outstanding Contribution to Photography’ award

Art Exhibition

The World Photography Organisation announces Erwitt will receive the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Outstanding Contribution to Photography. As part of the award, an exhibition of his most famous imagery, alongside his lesser known works and spanning his 60 year career, is presented at Somerset House, London. WPO spokesperson:

Elliott is entirely unique and independent in every way. Photography is part of his very fabric, but he also clearly separates what he calls his ‘hobby’, from his client work. To most, there will be no noticeable difference between the two. That is what makes him a master.

1 Feb, 2015

No. 1 Billboard 200 Chart

Swift’s 1989 album returns to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart for a milestone 10th nonconsecutive week, making Swift just the second woman in history to earn two albums with at least ten weeks atop the list (the other being Whitney Houston).

Super Bowl XLIX MVP

Brady is named MVP of Super Bowl XLIX after completing 37 of 50 passes for 328 yards, four of which result in touchdowns. Brady is intercepted twice, but completes eight of eight passes in a drive with two minutes left on the clock leading to the touchdown that gives the New England Patriots the lead.

It wasn’t the way we drew it up. Certainly, throwing a couple of picks didn’t help. It was a lot of mental toughness. Our team has had it all year. We never doubted each other, so that’s what it took. That was a great football team we beat. I’m just so happy for our team.

30 Jan, 2015

Wins Montecito Award

Aniston receives Montecito award for her acting career at 2015 Santa Barbara Film Festival.

I didn’t realize I was old enough to get one of these. I really feel like I am just beginning, just scratching the surface of what I want to do.

SBIFF 2015 - Jennifer Aniston Montecito Award Acceptance Speech

Worlds safest airline publishes a report naming QANTAS as the safest airline in the world for 2014. Qantas did not have any fatality during 2014. The rating system is endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations agency. The airline is named the leader in terms of real-time monitoring of its engines across its fleet using satellite communications, development of an avionics system that provides a direct data link communication between the pilot and the air traffic controller, as well as the development of flight data recorders to monitor plane and crew performance.

15 Dec, 2014

Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of 2014

Clooney is named Barbara Walter’s Most Fascinating Person of 2014. Walters:

I guess the question is, ‘What does it take to fascinate one of the most fascinating men in the world?’ She is known primarily through her spouse, and while we know little about her, we know a great deal about him. And he has fascinated many women—especially me. Everyone said that no one would get George Clooney to the altar. In fact, George Clooney—who had been married briefly in his 20s—said it himself, to me, in 1995.

10 Oct, 2014

Honorary Dame Grand Cross

angelina jolieJolie is presented with the Honorary Dame Grand Cross in recognition of her campaign against sexual violence by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. Brad Pitt, and their six children also attend. Buckingham Palace spokesman:

The audience itself between Miss Jolie and the Queen was private. Her Majesty presented her with the insignia in its box. Mr Pitt and the rest of the family were introduced to the Queen afterwards, however.

8 Aug, 2014

Georgia Music Hall of Fame inductees

The band announces that they will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. The group will be honored in the performer category at the thirty sixth annual award ceremony, taking place on October 11th at the Georgia World Congress Center. Dave Haywood:

We’ve never been a part of something like this before. It’s pretty special hearing the words ‘Lady Antebellum’ and ‘hall of fame’ in the same sentence. We really feel honored to be included.

13 Apr, 2014

Wins MTV Movie Award

Wahlberg wins MTV Movie Award Best On-Screen Duo for Ted shared with MacFarlane.

I know what this really means — many people have gotten this award before … Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and many others. And do you know what they all have in common? None of them were invited back; they’re all too f—ing old! This is the ‘you’re too f—ing old to come back’ award … this is ‘you’re f—king done.’ …But you know what? It was a great run, and I’m a lucky guy in so many ways to have worked with so many talented people, to have gone from literally being incarcerated to having a one-hit rap career to having an underwear modeling career to getting a real chance from Penny Marshall. I’m about to cry in a minute — hold on!

6 Apr, 2014

ACM entertainer of the year

The country artist accepts the Entertainer of the Year award during the 49th annual Academy of Country Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Wow… I always said I had the best fans in the world and I heard this was a fan-voted thing, so I rest my case. This is so amazing. This has been an amazing past 30 years.

2014 ACM Awards Press Room - George Strait - Entertainer of the Year

Wins three CMA awards


The female country vocalist takes 3 trophies home from the  49th American Country Music Awards. She accepts the awards for; Female Vocalist of the Year, Single of the Year for the song; Mama’s Broken Heart and Vocal Event of the Year for her duet with Keith Urban:

I can’t believe it. I’m so grateful and thankful and humbled.